2013 Vs 2014 Spending Comparison

Here is a little quick reference sheet I put together compiling our spending over the 2013 and 2014 seasons and how they compare regarding positional allotments. The far right column is obviously how much the expenditure has changed from last season to this season.

For ease of comparison, I listed the players that will be DL's and OLB's in 2014 in the same groups in 2013, even though they might have been listed differently at the time. For example, I have Mass, Biermann, and Maponga in the LB group for both seasons now; and then players like Goodman and Babs in the DL group. I've also put Osi in the DL group for both seasons since as the DPR he is still meeting and doing drills with the DL group because he's only coming in to rush the passer, not play as an OLB.

Spoon counts both years + 1 extra LB in 2014 to cover him being on IR. So in reality 2014 is counting with 10 LBers. Yes, I know we could easily go with an extra DL in place of that final LBer, but it doesn't change the total expenditure in the front 7 since either player will be close to the vet minimum and cost about the same amount.

DL jump in cost due to Soliai and T. Jackson; including the reduction in salary for Babs, Jerry, and Peters.

QB jump is due to Ryan's big salary jump this year.

TE decreases due to Tony G retirement.

OL jump is from Baker's cap hit going from $3m to over $6m this year; ~$3m to Asamoah; and ~$3m to Matthews, along with subtracting around $1m from Reynolds.

It's interesting that even though we've done a good bit of retooling on the Defense this year and we expect it to be much better than last year, we're still only spending a little over $1 million more on D than we did last year. And that is including Spoon's contract eating up cap space sitting on IR. Losing the salary we were paying Decoud and Asante made up for the signings of Soliai and T. Jackson.

On the other side of the ball though, we are spending a whopping $12.85 million more on offense this season. Most of that coming from more money going to Ryan and the Offensive Line. And this is even after subtracting $5.3m from the TE position from last year.

Combine the above information with this link to our 2015 Unrestricted Free Agents, and you can get a better idea of what positions we will be looking to invest in next year during free agency and the draft. Also remember that Julio will be getting a big pay day between now and then. http://www.spotrac.c...tlanta-falcons/

I have some more info to add regarding the 2015 cap situation. I'm amending this info into the original post.

Posted Image

2015 QB = $19.5m Plus 1.355m (1/2 M. Ryan - minus T.J. Yates who should command at least over $1m annually; we’ll have Renfree or Mathews on p.squad who could maybe step up to #2)

2015 WR = 19.875m Plus 1.857 (5/6 Julio, Douglas, Hester, Davis, D. Johnson - minus Roddy. Davis and Johnson guesstimated increases. Julio cap hit could be lower with new contract. Roddy will probably get around $6m annually adding to this total)

2015 TE = 1.245m Minus 0.39m (2/3 Toilolo and Shuler - minus Pascoe who makes $570k in 2014)

2015 RB = 6.06m Minus 1.458 (3/5 SJax, A. Freeman, Nix @ FB - minus Quizz and A. Smith. Smith likely brought back for STs around $1m annually. SJax counts 4.9m but would save 3.8m if cut)

2015 OL = 29.765m Plus 5.078m (8/9 Hawley, Konz, Blalock, Asamoah, Baker, Mathews, Holmes, Schraeder - minus Carimi or Johnson [depends which makes team in 2014]. Only need backup interior OL if things stay the same. Hawley jumps from 2m to 4m; if he keeps starting job he will likely get contract extension lowering 2015 cap hit. Blalock in penultimate year of grossly overpaid contract – could ask him to restructure and take pay cut.)

2015 DL = 13.813 Minus 5.137m (5/7 Babs, T. Jackson, Soliai, Hageman, Goodman - minus Osi and Peters. Osi likely retires, or comes back cheap. Peters could be brought back @ around $3m-4m annually unless he gets a big pay day somewhere else)

2015 LB = 3.644m Minus 8.676m (7/9 Maponga, Mass, Spruill, Shembo, Bartu, Worrilow, Starr or Smallwood – minus Biermann, Spoon [IR], Dobbins. Nolan loves Biermann, so probably brought back for ~$3m annually. Spoon, who knows but he should be cheap if we want him. Fully expect a top FA or 1st/2nd round draft pick added to OLB pass rusher here)

2015 Front 7 = 17.457 Minus 13.813m (12/16 – four spots to fill, Biermann only starting spot)

2015 S = 6.958m (3/4 Moore, Southward, Ishmael/Motta – minus Lowery who is making $600k in 2014. A healthy season will get him a big raise from somewhere; injured season wont)

2015 CB = 3.714m (3/5 Trufant, Alford, Allen – minus McClain, Arenas/Wilson. Allen could step into #3 CB role, but still need at least 1 more quality CB for depth.)

2015 DB = 10.672 (6/9) Minus 1.328m

Don’t forget our Kicker and Punter will be UFAs. And the Punter will be due a sizeable raise. Bosher will probably get an annual salary around $2.5 to 3m. Bryant already averages around $2.7m per year. Include the long snapper and allot roughly $6m to the 3 specialists in 2015.

The 2015 Salary Cap is projected between $140 – 145 million. If everything stays the same between now and then (and it won’t, but let’s just pretend) we’d have roughly $112m committed already for 2015. Subtract that conservative cap estimate of $140m and we’ll have around $28m in cap space heading into 2015 free agency and the draft. Roddy will eat up about 5 or 6m of that for I would guess is almost certain. Also, if we don’t use any more cap space this year, we’d have $9m more to rollover to the 2015 cap that would add to it.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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