Jerome Smith Is The UDRFA Sleeper!


Jerome Smith isn't in in the mix of the Atlanta Falcons Rb core.

Atlanta Falcons undrafted rookie free agent Jerome Smith doesn't get talked about much in Atlanta! In fact I couldn't find a article on him nowhere except the college website. But with all that being said this kid is a pretty good football player I was just doing some film studying on him and I see starting talent. NOT saying that he's better then Steven Jackson but he would be a upgrade over him just saying. But let's be honest no way he's gonna beat out Jacquizz Rodgers, Devonta Freeman, of their jobs. Now Antone Smith and Josh Vaughan that's a different story because neither one of them are roster locks.

Smith (5'11" 220 lbs.) isn't a small Rb , when I watch him on film he kind of reminds me of Snelling he runs with power , has good vision and athleticism. He had a underrated combine 40 Yard Dash: 4.84 , Bench Press: 14 reps , Vertical Jump: 36.0 Inch. , Broad Jump: 118.0 inch. , 3 Cone Drill: 7.53 SEC. , 20 Yard Shuttle: 4.60 SEC. I think he went undrafted because of his shoulder surgery causing his value to go down. He tored his labrum. Smith has the power to burst through tackles and can escape from penetration. The thing that's gonna worry me about him is his ability to catch the football on a consistent basis - only having 17 career receptions for 161Yrds.

Roster Competition:

Steven Jackson: Certainly can't beat him out of a job because Mike Smith is going to try him as a #1 option for one more year and he knows that if he can get Jackson a true o-line then it's gonna be a problem trying to stop the Falcons run game not only that but he's a two year vet in the offense.

Jacquizz Rodgers: That's a automatic no Jacquizz has shown he can be depended on and he can be used in any situation. Anything you ask him to do he always come through for you weather it's pass protection , playing in the slot , run yardage , and a little special teams. He can be used in to many ways for his job to get took by a undrafted rookie. Short but he runs hard , fast , and he's physical! another vet in the system.

Devonta Freeman: No because he's shown too much potential in OTA's and he could certainly be the future alongside Jacquizz Rodgers. He's another that can do it all if you ask him. Catch , HEAD SCRATCHER ON PASS BLOCKING not saying he can't do it but i don't remember seeing him doing it at Flordia State but I've seen him get at slot WR , and he made some good catches when the ball came his way. It's a possibility that Freeman might be the 3rd down back instead of Rodgers but don't get me wrong both has the potential to be on the field at the same time doing 3rd down! won't be surprised if smitty draw something up for the both of them.

Antone Smith: I will put a question mark on this one because Antone role really isn't that big. He showed some spark toward the end of the season but defenses didn't key in on him. Giving credit where it's do he did a good job on those big chunk of yardage that he got in the game but let's face it that didn't mean anything if we didn't win and we didn't. He had been riding the bench for so long that he was happy to get a regular season touch. But other then that his job isn't promised.

Josh Vaughan: Yes, his job can be taken all day long but the bad thing about it is that whoever takes his job will be a practice squad player. But he's lucky if he keeps his job through training camp! He only showed that he can be depended on in the pre-season so that's were he'll stay at. A 5th string!

So there's a little hope for Jerome Smith!

Your thoughts?

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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