Dezmen Southward: Damn, those are some pretty numbers

Dezmen Southward can be great.


Dezmen Southward is literally an athletic freak. I think these numbers officially qualify him as one of the rarest talents ever to come out of the draft at the safety position. He may not have good technique, but neither did Jadeveon Clowney, and a lot of us wanted him.

Data Analysis( What does all of this mean?)

Looking at just safeties since 2006, Dezmen comes in at an average rank of around 1.7, meaning he is 2nd place or higher on each of the three drills, leaning toward 2nd. Considering none of the safeties who hold the highest records for each appeared high in the ratings in any of the three others, it is safe to say Dezmen has a rare combination of talent for a safety. He comes in at a higher average rank 1.3 of among this year’s class of safeties.

This is an amazingly high average ranking. However, he is not only a rare safety, he is also a rare football player.

For all football players since 2006, dezmen averages 12th on the all-time record list for each drill.

One would think this would mean he is the 12th best player to come out since 2006, but this doesn’t take into account that many record-holders did not place high on nearly any other list. It is completely ridiculous how good on these drills- If I were to do a list of average ranks for every player since about 2006, I believe he’d probably come out 1st or 2nd.((If someone wants to find that data and put it on a spreadsheet, I’d be happy to display it.))

Dezmen averaged 2nd place among all nfl players for the 3 drills at the combine. None of the players at the combine scoring ahead of him on a drill at the combine did not appear ahead of him again at any other drill. In theory, this means Southward is the most athletic player to come out this draft.

Athleticism doesn’t mean anything without:

Work ethic and smarts. As we have seen with many athletic freaks coming out of the draft, their eventual downfall was their work ethic. However, so far, Southward has displayed great work ethic. He also has a chance to sit behind a veteran, instead of being thrown into the fire, which is a consistent recipe for success when developing young, athletic talent.

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