My take and scouting report in Taylor Lewan, offensive tackle Michigan

I was going to do this comparing the big 3 tackles (Matthews, Lewan, Robinson) but this got long. But if you want me to do the other 2 guys tell me so in the comments.


Taylor Lewan:

Height- 6"7

Weight- 309lbs

Arm length- 33 7/8inch

hands- 91/4inch

Combine: 4.87 40 yards dash, 29 reps on bench, 30.5" vertical, 117.0 inch broad jump, 7.39 second 3 cone drill

Write up:

Taylor Lewan is a big, strong, athletic man. He had the best combine of any tackle, being a top performer in the 40 yard dash including the 10 yard split, the vertical and broad jump, as well as the 3 cone drill. He has the athleticism and almost raw power greg robinson posses, but his technique, while not quite as good as Jake Matthew's, is right up there and very very solid. Started 48 of 50 games in college and was a second team all american in 2013 and first team all big ten. He was a 4 year starter against Big Ten pass rushers. Lewan posses a very smooth and clean kick out step when pass protecting. Also while he's kicking out he keeps his arms and hands pumping and inside ready to deliver a powerful punch to the defender. Very fluid feet, possessing borderline elite footwork which can be seen by his 3 cone drill in the combine. Very quick in run blocking. Gets on the defender quickly on the first level, then advances to the second level to block a linebacker. Very mean and aggressive on the field something, us being falcons fans, would desperately love. He takes the game personally. He will block you out of the play, throw you to the ground, then spit on you while you're down (figuratively speaking). He was also a team captain at Michigan. Some weaknesses and cons of Lewan now. Every once in a while you'll see him beaten by a bull rush as he doesn't "carry a load in his hands." He also can be better recognizing blitz schemes as sometimes on tape you can see him get confused by a blitz scheme. He also has some off the field issues. He has 3 aggravated assault charges and a sexual assault charge being investigated. He denies all of these allegations, and says that for the aggravated assault charges, he was merely trying to break up a fight. All in all, Lewan is my favorite tackle because he combines the aggressiveness and strength on a tad bit lower scale, and the solid, fluid technique of Jake Matthews into one player. I love his attitude on the field as well. If we were to take him, I would have wanted us to trade back first with a team like the giants before doing so. Thanks for reading!


<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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