2014 NFL mock draft: Falcons take Mack in SB Nation bloggers mock

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

With five picks out of the way, the star linebacker from Buffalo was left for Atlanta's taking.

SB Nation's blogger mock draft made it to the Falcons today, and our fearless leader Dave Choate sprinted to the podium with his pick. Well, he didn't sprint, he sort of stumbled a bit while breathing heavily. The first five selections were extremely beneficial to Atlanta, as one of the top pass rushers in the draft was still available at No. 6 overall.

Dave, after consulting his seasoned staff asking the rest of us briefly on Facebook, made the executive decision to select...

Team Player Position Height Weight Class
6. Atlanta Falcons Khalil Mack LB 6'3" 251 lbs. rSr

In this scenario, The Falcoholic was fortunate to be in a position to grab Mack without worrying about moving up. Mack's hype continues to grow as we approach the NFL Draft, and he's clearly one of the top pass rushers entering the league.

The Falcons are in dire need of pass rush support. They've signed several players on defense to help in the trenches as the team prepares for more 3-4 looks. Mack would Mack a great edge rusher.

Here's what SB Nation's draft analyst Dan Kadar said about Mack:

Looking for a comparison for Mack? Good luck finding one. There aren't many front seven players on defense with his array of skills. He can drop in coverage like KJ Wright of the Seahawks and is able to run with tight ends or blow up screen plays. As a pass rusher, he offers a lot of the same things that John Abraham has throughout his career. He's quick and compact around the edge and closes in a hurry.

The first five picks leading up to The Falcoholic's selection:

  1. Texans - Teddy Bridgewater
  2. Rams - Johnny Manziel
  3. Jaguars - Jadeveon Clowney
  4. Browns - Greg Robinson
  5. Raiders -  Blake Bortles
Completely plausible. I still have a hard time believing the Rams would go with John Football, and the Browns are the Charlie "Wildcard" Kelly of the group. As for Clowney, if he's still available at No. 3, I could see the Falcons making a move up. I'm still under the impression they're trading up at some point.

But, Mack is the pick here, and I would surely welcome his addition. He brings immediate impact wherever he lands. How do you think Dave did?
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