Final Mock Draft: What I think really happens

This draft is taking too damn long to get here. After seeing just about everyone and their mothers give a take on who to take and who not to take, I've come to this conclusion. The first pick has to be a tackle, The second pick has to be at the very least a starter, the third pick has to be rotational, and the rest of the picks has to be either BPA or depth.

These our needs by order of importance: OT, Edge Rusher, S, Tight End, RB, OLB, WR

With that in mind, I think this happens

The Falcons trade #6 pick overall to....The Bears for no. 14, no. 51, no.156 and a third round pick in 2015. People will say that this load will be a pretty light haul but I have a feeling that if this was presented to the Bears they'd be really up for it. Considering how bad they need Justin Gilbert or Aaron Donald.

The Falcons will help them out to address everything.

Pick 14: Jake Matthews or Zack Martin

What? That's not suppose to happen but Taylor Lewan is shooting up the charts and has been claimed as possibly going no. 2. No one is incredibly impressed with Jake Matthews and yet he's a steal for us. Why is this possible? Because of the needs of every team from 6-15. At least two qb's will go in the 10's, Mack and Clowney then there's Buffalo who do need an offensive lineman. But need a Safety even more. So I see Ha-Ha going there. Giants need a tight end so I see Ebron going there. Now assuming I'm wrong (which let's face it there's about an 85 percent chance of that) then the Falcons go with Zack Martin.

Pick 37: Jace Amaro

I want Troy Niklas here, but you don't bring back someone twice to dance if you're not interested in them. Amaro gives us a great red zone option and a potential superstar. I am worried about his injury history however to be honest but, to each their own.

Pick 51: Jeremiah Attaochu

The beauty about this trade is it nails our needs with the potential of superstars. If we don't grab Dee Ford at our first two then I think it moves everyone down the chart with the potential of Attaochu being there at 3. If that were to happen then LaMarcus Joyner is the pick here and Attaochu is our pick at 3.

Pick 68: Deonne Bucannon

To me? He's meh. He plays better strong safety than anything but both sides of the coin happens with our defense. He's definitely aggressive but I do prefer Dion Bailey here if he's available. Bucannon won't be asked to start this year but, he will be asked to play special teams and could be our starter next year.

Pick 103: Charles Sims

I don't want a change of pace back, I want a back that can do everything. That sounds like Sims to me. He just reminds me of Westbrook so much.

Pick 139: Larry Webster

Finally a guy off the edge. A guy off the edge who was .05 slower than Clowney. A guy off the edge who just needs to add bulk to be a potential starter. A small school steal at it's best.

At this point in the draft, we have to ask if all of our needs have been filled. If they have then mission accomplished it's up to the coaches now. I could easily put down BPA the rest of the way but, hell lets give this a shot.

Pick 147: Brandon Thomas

With the needs basically addressed we need to find talent in our later picks. Enter Brandon Thomas. No he won't play this year but, that's kinda the point of the 5th round anyways. Potentially he's a starter next year with plenty of talent. Just ask Will Sutton.

Pick 156: DeAndre Coleman

Depth at NT definitely. He's rotational but he can spell Pat Soliai for a while.

Pick 182: Kevin Pierre-Louis

Depth being Worrilow and could potentially kick Akeem Dent to the side

Pick 220: Tevin Reese

A speedy slot receiver that is not Harry Douglas

Pick 253: Trey Millard

A fullback who is incredibly powerful at the point of attack

Pick 255: Derrell Johnson

Our future Robert James

So that's what I think and this is the last that I'm writing about Mock Drafts. I've done way too many this offseason. Anyways please tell me what you think

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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