Falcons Draft Reality

Okay I'm going to cut straight to the chase here. Everyone seems to have an opinion on what the Falcons should do come draft time. Some of which are very intelligent well thought out opinions while others are just plane idiocy.

In this post I'm going to give you the best possible situations and draft ideas people should put to rest.

There are 3 main Falcons draft scenarios people should focus on.

1. Falcons trade up to Number 1 to acquire Clowney

2. Falcons stay put and acquire a LT

3. Falcons Trade back and draft a Safety

Now of course there are other posibilities but for now these are the big 3.

Now for all the fans that would like to see the Clowney trade you should be very optimistic. We all know Dimitroff is not afraid to go and get his guy. And I believe if they believe Clowney can live up to the hype then they will go get him. Although I will not have any objections if the falcons trade up for Clowney this is not the move I'm personally rooting for. It's not goin to be that expensive to move up to the number one spot. But I'm not sold on Clowney one bit. He is a physical freak of nature, but his love of the game is not there. And if I'm a coach , I want football players, not Physical Specimans. Also I'm not sold on the idea that Houston will draft him number 1. It would be ashame for Atlanta to jump to number one when Houston was never going to take him in the first place.

The second possibility is the belief that the Atlanta Falcons value drafting a Tackle and protecting their 100 million dollar QB in Matt Ryan over producing a solid pass rush. I disagree. And I'm going to lay out the line for you to make you understand why the falcons WILL NOT be drafting a Linemen in the First Round.

a. The Falcons fire Pat Hill in favor of Mike Tice - Clearly here the Falcons do not believe they suffered last year because of the lack of talent , they believe it was coaching. Which is supported by

b. The Falcons only release Garret Renalds - The rest of that "terrible line" remains.

c. The Falcons sign a "Prove It" Deal with both Mike Johnson and Gabe Carimi- both are guys with injury history, both guys will have to work hard to be employed come next year.

d. The Falcons are stuck in a contract with Sam Baker- like it or not (which I can speak for all of us when I say we hate this) Baker will be the starter at left tackle. Because the falcons know he is at least decent when healthy

Now throw in Lamar Holmes into that mix and you have a good mix of competition going at the Tackle position. Throw in a mid round pick to compete and you got yourself a best man win situation. Even if Baker hoes down (which he probably will) you have a Tackles with experience. Now tell me. How much sense does it make to bring all of those guys in just to know they will be sitting on the bench after you drafted a 1st round starter? It doesn't.

Now last but not least there is the idea that falcons will trade down and Aquire more picks and then Draft a saftey like Ha Ha Clintion-Dix. And I have to say, I wouldn't be mad at this move at all. Clinton Dix is a baller. But this move doesn't make any sense at all. Analyst seem to think the Falcons have tons of holes.....????? That's very wrong. The Falcons have 5 holes. OL , HB , TE , FS , and a Pass Rusher. That's 5 picks. That leaves us with 5 more. Why would we need 13 picks?? Only 4 or 5 will ever see the field.

That being said I think the Falcons should trade up for Khalil Mack

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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