Falcons Mock Draft: The smoke is clearing

Three weeks to go. I hate that the NFL has waited this long just to have the draft. It throws everything out of sync and honestly rookies are going to have a hard time getting the time they need. After reading some of the players we are bringing in for workouts, I'd like to go ahead and address what I think might happen.

I'm predicting two quarterbacks go in this top five with those qb's being Bortles and Carr

Round 1- Greg Robinson.

My thinking: This all hinges on what the Rams want to do. Clowney goes to the Texans and Bortles will at the absolute lowest go at 4. However the Rams are reportedly "falling in love" with Mack. There's always the play at Sammy Watkins being no. 2 pick and all the Rams have to look at is AJ Green and Julio Jones. If the Rams trade down with someone, it won't be with the Falcons. You heard it here. Here's why, the potential of having Bortles or Clowney is a pretty high price. With the way that the Falcons are bringing in second and third day pass rushers, I don't see them moving up for either Clowney or Mack. If the draft falls like I am mocking it at this venture, it'll look something like this.

Texans- Clowney, Rams- Mack, Jaguars will try to find a trade partner for Bortles be it Tennessee or Minnesota-Bortles, Browns- with two 1st round draft picks they go with the quarterback they know they want in Carr, Raiders-Robinson or Watkins. Now Raiders are going to want to trade down. Once again, I'm not sure they'll find the deal they want. So it's either a legit no.1 or a right tackle possible future left tackle. Ironically, tackles aren't something they absolutely need compared to a no. 1 receiver. So I have the Raiders going Watkins. Which delightfully gives the Falcons a right tackle for the future.

Round 2- Kyle Van Noy

My thinking: He's dropping fast and is a perfect fit for our defense. I can easily see him being a 10 sack guy for us. He plays like Biermann only has more athleticism to him. Can't really complain about that.

Round 3- Lamarcus Joyner

My thinking: Alright Murf, you convinced me. At worst? He's a starter next year. At best? He's a probowler

Round 4- Troy Niklas

My thinking: He's a raw Gronk without the injury issues.

Round 4- Larry Webster

My thinking: 6'6 258 edge guy that was .05 slower than Clowney. Small School Steal in my eyes

Round 5- Andre Hal

My thinking: Depth at corner is never a bad thing especially one who plays like our own Desmond Trufant

Round 6- Lorenzo Taliaferra

My thinking: Coastal Carolina project. He's a sleeper that at 6'0 229 could potentially be a great spell at running back. No it's the Florida RB that we are all clamoring for but you don't ignore 1,729 yards and 27 touchdowns at any level of football

Round 7- Matt Hazel

My thinking: Another Coastal Carolina guy who plays like Cecil Shorts

Round 7- Joe Don Duncan

My thinking: H Back gives us a fair shot at a running game and one of the best names I've ever heard

Round 7- Zach Kerr

My thinking: Depth finally at NT

So what do you think?

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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