Eyeing a Better Defense through the Draft



Fact: William Moore once ate Beast Mode's Skittles for breakfast!

"Defense wins Championships"- W.A.R.

With the additions of Soliai at NT, TJ at DE and the return of Babs, Peters and Jerry; the Falcons now have tons of depth at the DT position. Whatever scheme they chose to run, they have players ready to eat double teams and free up pass rushers and run stoppers. Do not underestimate the value of these non-flashy additions. Now they must field better pass rushers and a starting safety. And yes I'm one willing to neglect the offense because they are already highly capable. The Falcons trying to outscore opponents because of a lack of defense doesn't exactly illustrate the toughness we wanna see from them. It reminds me of a team formerly known as the Denver Mules, I mean Broncos who attempted to win a SuperBowl the same way. They are exciting but toughness is a defensive thing. In this mock I will illustrate how Falcons defense can become at least average in one offseason.

Rnd 1: Falcons luck has hit an all time high landing DE/OLB Khalil Mack. Many want an OT, but why bring in Tice then? Why resign MJ? Holmes saw improvement at LT, so he could prove to be better at RT under Tice's guidance and Baker should be healthy and ready to rumble for what may be his last season with the Falcons (if he can't get it together.)

Rnd 2: Falcons decide to double dip again this year this time taking DE/OLB DeMarcus Lawrence to fix a pedestrian level pass rush. The hype for Lawrence has been building as of late and rightfully so. With these additions the Falcons are in great position to let go of Biermann and Osi whenever they choose to resign Julio and Spoon.

Rnd 3: Falcons select the underrated S Deone Bucannon. This ballhawk is a true bird of prey, he can victimize opponents in run, in the pass, could even get after the QB on a safety blitz. Watchout Drew Brees this missile has your name on it.

These 3 players, coupled with the growth of the young secondary and linebackers, we may be in for the ride of our Falcoholic lives.

Some notes to keep in mind, before you vote on poll:

-Falcons coach Mike Smith has expressed interest in more of a blocking TE to help pass protection. He also explained how they can replace Tony's production with receivers and not a TE. Don't be surprised if Falcons pass on a TE until after the 4th round.

-Baker is receiving a large amount of money, so they may find it hard to justify drafting an OT early. And yes while the said OT can play RT, do you give up on Holmes and MJ after both showed some future promise during the season? I don't think Falcons will draft OT in 1st 3 rounds, but they may add a veteran after the post-draft mayhem.

-Falcons offense is solid for the most part. Tice should be able to coach up an improved Offensive Line to improve run game. Julio and Roddy will be back in action and still the best tandem in the league. With Harry Douglas and Hester likely to see most of Tony's targets we should expect for a Falcons' offense that may be better or close to the 2012 offense. And if the 2012 team had a better defense, they would have had a Super Bowl already.

-William Moore seems intent on becoming an "elite" safety!

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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