2014 Dream Free Agency (Don't worry, it's realistic)

Here is my DREAM Free Agency for the Falcons. These aren't my predictions, just my ideal offseason. Please feel free to comment on anything. Thanks for reading.

Note: THOMAS DECOUD will be cut be cut by March 15 per Adam Schefter at ESPN. This Mock is implying that Decoud will not be with the team for the 2014 -15 season.


  • Jonathan Babaneax, DT - The USS Babs will be looking to sign his last NFL contract, and this signing would make a lot of sense for both parties. Babs will be staying in Atlanta with his family, and the Falcons will be getting quality depth, and great veteran leadership. Win, win.
  • Joe Hawley, C - Joe Hawley is a good backup, and as we know, we need good backups. This would be a depth signing, and backup plan for a shaky Center situation.
  • Mike Johnson, RT - Not many people know who this Mike Johnson is, but Johnson was actually the starting RT for us, before he was injured and put on IR. Then the whole Lamar Holmes fiasco happened.
  • Jairus Byrd, FS - This is not an absolutely crucial signing, and I could easily see us signing a cheaper, lower tier option, but for the purposes of this, I am saying we make the extra push and sign him. Byrd is a top 5 free safety in this league, and will be asking for top 5 safety money, but I say we give it to him, and hope that he will upgrade our defense and make us a top 10 defense in the league (I know, crazy). This signing is a little bit of a pipe-dream at this point, so look for us to instead sign someone much cheaper, who will still upgrade our defense (probably not top 10).
  • Jon Asamoah, G - Probably the most "sure thing" signing listed here is Jon Asamoah, the Guard from KC who was drafted by our very own Scott Pioli. The reason I say it is the most "sure thing" is for three reasons. 1: The Pioli tie. 2: The Falcons just cut starting RG Garrett Reynolds, and are looking for a new one. 3: There have been multiple "reports" (credibility unknown) linking Asamoah's name to the Falcons. Let's just say, I won't be too surprised if the one and only signing the Falcons make on Tuesday, is this one.
  • Paul Soliai, DT - We need an impact DT who can come in and stop the run. That is exactly what Paul Soliai does. The price tag will not be cheap, but it will be worth it to (FINALLY) have a run stopping DT who can stuff anyone on 3rd & 1. Hopefully TD will bite the bullet, spend the money, and in a year be thinking "Thank god I made that Soliai signing"
  • Champ Bailey, CB - This signing just makes a ton of sense. First off, Bailey went to school at UGA. Secondly, Bailey worked with Mike Nolan, when Nolan was with the Broncos. Finally, Bailey wouldn't have the pressure of being a starting CB, but could easily be the nickel, and mentor our two young corners. Hopefully Bailey won't be asking for a sh*t ton of money, or else this signing should, and will happen.
Like I said this is my DREAM FA. The probability of this happening is not great, but with a little luck, all of these players will be suiting up for the Falcons in 2014. If there are any comments/notes feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Thanks, and as always, RISE UP!

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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