Falcon Offseason 4.0

Now that Peters is resigned I wanted to take a closer look into our safety dilemma. It's pretty clear that we are going to cut DeCoud and then I started to dig up some history into our own team and found the perfect Free Safety for us.

William Moore.

At the University of Missouri, William Moore was a Free Safety that converted to a Strong Safety because in short he was a huge Free Safety that could hit hard. People worried that he was going to be too big as a safety and thought he had a better chance as an OLB. Obviously that's not true. Taking a look at the 2014 Free Agency class, we have one premier Free Safety that is likely to commander anywhere between 7-9 million per season then we have basically a bunch of Strong Safeties.

So what exactly is the difference between the two? Strong Safety is mainly used to cover the tight end or the third receiver while a Free Safety mainly covers the deep ball and is usually the last line of defense. The problem is that Nolan's schemes requires interchangeable safeties. Meaning that at any given point in time, either safety could be either the FS or SS. With Moore, that's okay because he's been use to that all of his career since it was the same thing at Mizzou.The other thing is that Free Safeties tend to be ball hawks more so than hard hitters. So how many INT's does WillyMo have? 14 as a strong safety. Dashon Goldson, the expensive FS over in Tampa, has 15 career INT's despite playing more than 36 games more than WillyMo.

Imagine the amount of INT's C4 Moore would have if he only had to focus being a ball hawk?

So what does that mean for this free agency? Well by sliding WillyMo to FS, we can logically pursue TJ Ward or Donte Whitner that could create what the former 49ers had in Whitner and Goldson. Two Hard Hitting Safeties with one being able to possess the ball hawk abilities he's naturally made for means one less worry the Falcons would have. I welcome Jimmy Graham to go over the top on us if we sign this right.

Free Agency Sign

TJ Ward: The Browns want him back but does TJ really want to be back there? That's a mess of a situation that won't get a Superbowl anytime soon. Ward will be licking his chops at the idea of going to a new area with a nice contract on his hands. 5 year/ 30 million: 10 million guaranteed

Jon Asamoah: I don't like Baker and I'd rather sign Eugene Monroe for a chance but the truth is it's smarter for us to keep Baker for now with Schrader looking like a promising Right Tackle of the Future. Lamar Houston could technically work here and I'd actually like to see that project but, we need to be certain that we can hold the line. Asamoah won't commander too big of a salary: 4 year/ 22 million 8 million guaranteed

Clinton McDonald: Jesus Seattle's defense was good last year. They had fresh legs everywhere it seemed. So this is where Clinton McDonald comes in. He recorded 5.5 sacks last year and would be a bigger name if he didn't play on Seattle. I really believe this guy can be a great anchor for our team and he won't come at a huge price. 3 year 12 million/ 5 guaranteed

Draft: The Falcons trade their first and third with the Lions for their 1st, 2nd and 3rd to drop down to No. 10

1st Pick: Aaron Donald. It just makes sense to pick up an extra second to get the guy that would be a difference maker. Is drafting at 10 too high? Who cares! Why risk dropping down to 20 when the Cowboys and Bears both want him? Get the guy we want and focus on other things.

2nd Pick: Jace Amaro: It does seem like he's dropping a little and I'm all for it, we do need a pass rusher but in my eyes the drop off from Amaro to Niklas is just too steep. If he's there I don't think we flinch.

3rd Pick: Trent Murphy: The guy whose not Clowney. All joking aside Murphy would provide good depth and pass rushing chops if he put on more weight.

4th Pick: Jeremiah Attaochu: He probably won't be here and if not Christian Jones will be but, if he is then well that just addresses quite a bit of problems

5th Pick: Charles Sims: I'm going to miss Snelling but maybe Sims will make me miss him less

6th Pick: Chris Watt: He is a potential starter that needs size and very underrated

7th Pick: Dri Archer: We have our special teams back with this guy

8th Pick: Ross Cockrell: Depth at Corner

I could also see a cheap corner plugged in anywhere for depth but for the most part this addresses not only depth on defense but makes our O Line stand together in cohesion while also opening up our offense better.

Other Potential FA Signings: Anthony Collins, Vance Walker, Depth at WR or RB, veteran QB, depth at Corner

Other Potential Draft Targets that are not obvious: Stanley Jean Baptiste, Michael Sam, Arthur Lynch, Jarvis Landry, Chris Smith, Adrian Hubbard, George Uko, Kapri Bibbs, Tevin Reese

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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