The Dark Horse of Falcons Mock Drafts

Many think the Falcons should either trade up or stay at 6 because the draft class is so deep. However you could use that same logic to conceive a move down. This draft is said to possess a deep class of Offensive and Defensive lineman. This is why I recommend they trade down to acquire at the minimum an extra 2nd rounder and perhaps a 3rd or 4th to go with it.

The Falcons were noticeably lacking in pass rush with Elite and Rookie Qbs alike picking the secondary apart for big gains because of it. The run defense once looked stout but soon looked nearly as bad as the pass rush. So where is the problem we ask? Is it defensive scheme? Is it defensive end? Or is it defensive tackle? You could make a case for all three.

I've come up with a situation unique to the percieved idea of a Falcons mock draft. It will be based on the assumption we sign a FA RG and get lucky with the Dirty Byrd.

1) Trade down to 10 or lower and draft DT and potential DE Aaron Donald. The Senior and Senior Bowl participant has been praised by new DL coach, Bryan Cox. He has shown relentless drive and passion for football from Senior Bowl practices to the Combine. Many will say DE or OT is the position for pick 1. I argue that since Babs and Jerry are reportedly (by Vaughn McClure) to not be retained and Peters coming off injury that this pushes DT to the #1 position of need. Donald appears to be a better replacement than our current DTs with his 11 sack senior season, 4.68 40 speed , and his reported bench and squat maxes of 470 and 500. The guy is arguably as much of a freak athlete as any prospect as any other prospect. His biggest criticism is something he can't change, height and reach. He has drawn just comparisons to the talented Geno Atkins and appears to be a lock for the 1st round. His presence will make the entire defensive lines job easier. Imagine Peters being doubled often and emerging with 4.5 sacks for the season with another pass rushing DT that will be doubled often. The DEs should have a much easier time getting to the QB.

2) With the 1st pick in rnd 2 they should draft their top rated OT that is on the board. That may be Morgan Moses, it could even be Zach Martin (Shoot Me, I'm an optimist).

2b) An acquired extra 2nd rounder now allows them to draft another young stud pass rusher. With DE Dee Ford's injury that held him out of combine a slip intk 2nd is possible. But if not the Falcons of course would chose best available DE (Crichton, Murphy, Lawrence, etc....)

3) Tony is gone, there are a few options available this year. I expect the Falcons to go for a well rounded TE (blocks better than Tony). One prospect, whose name I struggle with is CJ Fed. He spoke about how he think he'd fit in with Falcons and a few other things. Others may be available as well, I expect they take whoever is best for the team of course.

4) Falcons said they want a DT with girth, and in my mind I heard NT. Daniel McCullers in 4th round has shown up in quite a few mocks and will again today.

5) Center Weston Richburg will be a good backup at C and may even have what it takes to start.

6) Falcons could use a Kick/Punt returner, and a popular name among fans is Dri Archer. He also would be an electrifying target for 2 on passing downs

7) FS backup Ishmael couldnt see the field even with Decoud's horrible play and Motta's injury. Dezmen Southward is my choice with 4.37 speed and a 42 inch vertical he could prove to be a draft steal.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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