My Biggest Fear

My biggest fear for the 2014 season is that MR2 gets hurt and has to sit out for a significant portion of the season.

The rationale for the fear is two-fold:

# 1) The Falcons are built to rely on their offense (read: passing game) scoring enough points to outscore whatever number the (hopefully) average defense gives up. If MR2 goes down, then the offense gets turned over to the backup QB. That leads us to the second part of this rationale,

B.) The Falcons' backup QB is Dominique Davis. I am sorry, but he does not fill me with confidence with respect to being able to lead an NFL team to victory, especially if he has to make plays in order for his team to win. And quite frankly, there is very little in his past that demonstrates his play-making abilities.

In fact, Seth Doege would appear to have more skills than DomDavis. But not so fast my friend, SDoege is not only off the practice squad, he has left the building. He inked with the Saskatchewan Rough Riders back in February.

So...I really think the Falcons need a quality backup. Now granted, I am just some nobody with a keyboard, but I love the whole Pats setup with Ryan Mallet backing up Brady or the way the Redskins have Cousins ready to step in for RG3 the next time he chooses not to slide. The problem is: these backup QBs cost draft picks to obtain.

And the Falcons have lots of holes to fill with the limited number of draft picks available to them. The team has 5 picks in the first 4 rounds, and they really need pass rush, OT, safety, TE with maybe some LB, DT or RB. The point is: draft picks are a precious commodity.

Falcons' history tells us that not a lot of starters come from Round 5 and below.

On Day 3 of the Draft, I would love to hear "and with Pick #147, the Atlanta Falcons select Aaron Murray, Quarterback, University of Georgia" Of course, Murray maybe be gone by the beginning of Round 5, but it is almost impossible to justify spending one of our top draft picks on backup QB. Maybe the compensatory pick in Round 4 at #139, but not before. And the Falcons need someone else to back up MR2...badly.

C'mon your magic!

Editorial Note: I am being dramatic. My biggest fears are actually snakes, running out of bourbon and dying alone :-)

Any thoughts about backup QBs or other fears, like no pass rush or drowning?

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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