Corey Peters says he's right on schedule, plans to be ready by training camp

Fact: Corey Peters whistles while he works

Corey Peters did an interview on SiriusXM Radio today and he had some interesting things to say. Please forgive all the blocked text, but there's lots of good stuff here.

First, Peters doesn't sound particularly confident in his rehab. According to him, he's right on schedule, expecting to be ready by the time training camp roles around. For a defensive tackle who will rely heavily on his ability to dig in, the rehab must be a slow, arduous process, rife with setbacks. Maybe you're hearing him differently, but I think he's giving us injuryspeak a.k.a. saying what he has to given the circumstances. For a guy who just got off crutches, being ready by the start of training camp seems like a stretch.

I'm feeling pretty good. Ya know, I'm finally back to walking ... as far as the rehab goes, we're just kinda playing it by ear, and my goal is to be ready by the time the season starts. But it just depends on how everything works out. When we're finished with one step, we'll just move to the next one. And hopefully we can have all the steps completed by the time training camp starts ... I'm right on schedule, with where I should be. I haven't had any setbacks.

Peters also addressed his return to Atlanta. Let's be honest, the achilles injury cost him a lot of money. We all knew his new contract was a "prove it" deal. Apparently he's cognizant of that fact as well. If Peters can return to his prior self, he will make his money eventually.

I really do love Atlanta. I love it here. With the injury and with the timing of it. Most everybody wanted to see how I bounced back before they're willing to make a long-term commitment.

Think Peters is put off by the switch to a 3-4? Think again. Peters feels like it's just an expansion of what they've already been doing. He likes the additions to the defensive line and he believes they will make a difference. At the end of the day, he's willing to be versatile and do what it takes to win.

I think our defensive line will be much improved ... I'm not exactly sure on the scheme. But ya know, we've been multiple in the past. We've done some 3-4 schemes ... and as far as my role goes, I try to pride myself on being flexible.

All in all, an interesting 3 minutes from Peters. It sounds like the off-season will be a busy one for him, both learning to play more regularly in the 3-4 and trying to get himself back in shape.

Your thoughts?

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