Are we done or is the appeal to be a Falcon gone?

In typical fashion it seems as though Thomas Dimitroff and the Front Office are content with the "re-calibration of the roster" at this point

In my honest opinion I think the Falcons, with just over $9 million in cap room(according to sources), are in fact done with free agent signings at least for the month of March. I say this because there was no stealthiness to the acquisitions of Asamoah, Jackson and Soliai. Now, with no rumors circulating it is pretty much safe to assume that they are in fact content.

But are they?!?!

I posed this question to Dave via twitter on Thursday..."Are we not reaching out, or are FAs not reaching back?!?"

It has been reported that Delmas turned down a workout and we reached out to ex-Seahawk DE Chris Clemons(who recently signed with the Jags). I'm sure there are more that are not a fan of the "Dirty Birds" for a number of reasons.

Could it be the 4-12 debacle we had last year?

Could it be the current cap situation and the appeal of money isn't there?

Could it be the thin ice that the Front Office is skating on the owner Arthur Blank?

or Could it be the stigma of a team that was recently "bashed" by one of its own, Tony G, by saying he was "mishandled" by the FO and teammates.

Well lets narrow it down shall we... Anybody that knows football realizes that last year's anomaly was cause by injuries and lack of depth and that the overall record of the Smith/Dimitroff regimeis phenomenal compared to the league tandems.

According to multiple sources the Falcons should have around $9 million in cap space(not including rookie reserve) to sign more players. Even more cap space could be attained by restructuring/extending Roddy Whites contract and other unpopular but maybe necessary moves i.e.cutting Osi or Kroy. To me $9 million is more that enough to bring in another big name at a position of need like FS, TE, or OT and/or 2-3 more depth/special team guys at CB or ILB. After all our secondary problem last year was depth.

Which leads me to believe that it has to be one of the latter options listed above. Either the lame duck staff or the perceived mishandling Tony G and other players by teamtates and coaches alike. Why else would a FA choose not to work out for the Falcons but instead sign with teams like the Dolphins(delmas) or the Jaguars(Clemons).

When Matt Ryan gets sacked and has to help himself off the ground; other players take notice.

When a Lions safety is yelling expletives at Tony G that he is worthless and no one comes to his rescue; other players take notice.

When the front office was only extended one more year in a prove it type contract and then turn around an try to offer a free agent a 1 or 2 year deal; other players and agents take notice.

I would like to hear your thoughts on the current situation. We have done well so far in free agency but we should be far from done. We should be at least working out players like Jermichael Finley, Walter Thurmond, S Chris Clemons etc. Are we not asking or are they not obliging?

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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