Are We Really That Far Away From Being a Superbowl Contender After The 2013 Season ?

Let me start by saying this article is for all of those fans who believe that we have so many holes on our team. While we do have some holes in major areas we dont have a lot of them. In this article im going to review these positions of need and who i believe should fill those positions. So with that being said lets get started.

Our positions of need for our offense are RT and the dreaded RG positions start with the right tackle spot and who should fill it. well lets state the obvious Mike Johnson was going to win this spot hands down before his injury and that left us with Lamar Holmes. Without boring you with all the details that you already know more injuries happened with move Holmes to the LT position where he was beaten repeatedly and when he had flashes of being good it was always against a less talented DE safe to say he should stick with the RT position. Bottom line here Holes is ready and Johnson is ALWAYS hurt we need a plug and play RT through free agency so who should it be? I think Michael Oher would be a good fit here and definitely within our price range. Oher has slight mental lapses but i think Mike Tice could get the most out of him and salvage his career lets face it Baltimore had huge expectations for him and he didn't live up to them as a LT but performs much better at RT. Just for laughs lets talk about the LT position. The big bearded short armed T-rex himself Sam Baker. First lets give credit where credit is due when he is healthy he is a very passable starter but those times are just too far and in between for what he is getting paid. While like most if not all falcons fans I would love to cut him trade him kill him lol just kidding don't freak out we have to live with him for the upcoming season and possibly the following season. Long story short he is our LT he wont be replaced in FA or the draft so we just have to accept that and move on. Our next position of need is the dreaded RG position damn i wish we have kept Harvey Dahl lol. But here we are still trying to replace him years later with no luck whatsoever. its safe to say the RGGR project is done and we will find his replacement for this year and my belief is through FA so who will it be ? I think we all have read how Mike Tice likes Willie Colon and while he could very well be who the falcons target because of his torn bicep and age im going to go with Geoff Schwartz. He is only 28 and when called upon last season he stepped in and stepped up and held the postion for the remainder of the season. And with the KC ties and having Scott pioli on the Falcons I have a feeling he will be whispering Schwartz in to TD's ear when FA opens up. A little about the C position I think we resign Hawley and still try to develop Konz dont see any changes there and Blaylock will stay as well but hopefully at a restructured deal. To finalize I think our moves on the O line will be through FA because we want proven players not players who might be starter material a few years down the road.

Next up our defense and the positions of need in order DT DE FS. I have been saying this for years we need a big bodied DT to take on some double teams so we can get some pass rush going on. And year after year i watch as we put another undersized DT 1 technique and create no pass rush time and time again. Does MS not remeber when JA55 had 16.5 sacks on the season who was sitting beside him to get the double teams off JA55? We all know that was Big Grady Jackson and we need someone like him on our D- line BAD!!!!! In comes Paul Soliai of the Miami Dolphins. A massive force with the strength to run stop and the agility to still be a apart of the pass rush. Soliai would help our d line so much i cant put it into words of course this means we resign Peters and put him in the 3 technique where he will shine even more and hopefully still resign babs for the dt rotation at a hometown discount of course. Mike Nolan has ties to Soliai with his time in miami so Soliai would already be familiar with Nolan's defensive scheme and could be an instant starter from day one.

Lets save the best for last the DE position and talk about the FS position. What we already know Decoud made the pro bowl in 2012 and...... Exactly thats where it ends since then Decoud's less than poor tackling and bad angles have made me physically ill. The NFL is all about what have you done for me lately and Nolan know what Decoud had done for him lately absolutely nothing and he was also not afraid to call him out on it in a public interview. that tells me at the very least there will be a competition at the FS position this year. But after Decouds play and what he is suppose to get paid I think we cut him and we sign another Mike Nolan familiar in Chris Clemons. He is excellent in coverage and isn't affraid to attack a ball carrier unlike Decoud. I also think he will be a lot cheaper then other safety options and we already have a big investment in Moore so i think he will be the best fit.

Now the exciting part DE position the most interesting and exciting part of the off season in my opinion. Well we know that Biermann isn't getting any younger and he is fresh off of an achillies injury and lets face it he is not irreplaceable. With that being said if the football gods could smile upon us just once this season i would use it to get Brian Orakpo. I dont even need to build this man up his resume speaks for itself and he would improve our d line to the fullest not only replacing Biermann's production but exceeding it undoubtedly as he is a perfect fit to our scheme. Now while i dont think washington will let him go they will slap him with the franchise tag and let him suffer another year i think we can go with Michael Johnson but not without large concern. While i dont think he will be as bad as the Ray Edwards pick up I still think he he needs needs help to be sucessfull thats why Greg Hardy is completely out of the question for Atlanta in my mind. If he leaves Carolina his sack total will plummet without a dline like the panthers to help him. Back to us lol Michael Johnson Only makes sence to pick up if we add a big body like Soliai to get a double team to free him on the edges if not I just dont see it. So for now i will pray that the football gods shine a little light on the falcons and allow them to make a run for Orakpo and avoid all the confusion.

Last but not least the 2014 nfl draft who will it be? will we trade up? or will we trade down? or will we stay at #6? Its very simple Clowney is going to kill it at the combine. I know that TD has got his sites on him and had probably all year if not the last 2 years or longer. I bet he had already talked with Les Snead and David Caldwell and asked them about their 2nd and 3rd spots and what it would take to get them. Bottom line i think in may we will give up our 3rd and possibly a 4th to switch 1st round picks and we will select Clowney. With Clowney Soliai Peters and Orakpo for a dline we could even leave Decoud back there and it wouldnt matter because the QB would have no time at all.

Long story short we holes every team does but we have the means to fix them and fix them quick and be right back on top in 2014. Tell me what guys think about my predictions and thoughts would be glad to hear your feedback. And on a side note all off this was done on my cell phone so sorry for the structure and what not. Go FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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