After Superbowl Mock Offseason 3.0

This post season made me realize a few of things that has been trending in the NFL. These things are items that the Falcons do not have.

1) Good offensive line play

2) Depth

3) Attitude

Somewhere within this past season to now, we lost that ability. Our guys are almost too clean cut, which when it comes to saving the world is what you need but not for football. We target a lot of guys that have been former captains and leaders in previous situations that give them a good name. Why do we need so many captains and leaders? Who on our team is someone that needs coaching cause of a bad history? We're quick to cut players that run into the law (Abraham, Turner, probably Snelling) and yet never give them a second chance to right what they did. That philosophy works to bring a community together but, you need aggressiveness to win. Seattle has that. Now I'm not excusing Adderrall (Bobby Browner I'm looking at you) but, I think the Comrade Filter needs a tweak. That's what this mock offseason is about.


Snelling: This has nothing to do with his run in on the law, it has to do with his contract and our direction.

Samuel: At this point in his career he cost too much for us to keep.

Nicholas: Same as above

DeCoud: The only way he stays is if he restructures

Reynolds: He's outlived his stay


McClain, Davis, Replogle

Peters: We have to assume that he'll get back healthy but note this. He has been injured for sometime before and I would not be completely surprised if they offer him something he's not looking for.

Babineaux: With the thought of Peters possibly leaving we need to have veteran leadership on this team. Babs provides that

Hawley: Everyone writes him off but he has developed into a solid backup/potential starter. Ryan was much more comfortable with him snapping the ball and outside of one bad snap he played very well. He also brings an attitude to the line

Johnson: Let's assume this. We sign Johnson to a prove it deal and he comes out and Mad Dog's lines, we need quality depth also and Johnson can provide that at least.

Free Agent Signings:

I really considered cutting Kroy as well and I'm fringe on Osi. Both of their hits are 3.05 million and if we want an upgrade we can simply by it. However we're not in rebuild mode, yet.

Paul Soliai- He can stuff the holes....hehe. In all seriousness, he's important by bring our run defense back to par.

Richie Incognito: We need someone to give Matty time to step up in the pocket.

Brian Orakpo: If we cut Bierman

Lamarr Houston: If we don't cut Biermann



Trade down to 10 while picking up an extra 2nd

1st pick: Khalil Mack: Why? It's either him or Anthony Barr and I want Khalil more. I think it's very possible moving three spots to grab one of those two guys. Immediately gives us an identity for pass rushing

Alternate: HaHa Clinton-Dix: It'll be a need if we cut DeCoud and he's a definite upgrade

2nd pick: Aaron Donald: Two things about that Superbowl, edge rushers showed they matter (Avril could of easily been named MVP) and the fastest way to the quarterback is straight on. Collapsing the pocket is what killed us. Donald shows he will get there.

Alternate pick: Zack Martin: Versatility is the game with this pick.

3rd pick: Jace Amaro: Why? Our offense is our biggest strength and having someone big enough to make a difference helps. Imagine red zone tight end sets with Amaro and Toilolo, just throw it high up. A lot of analyst have him mocking up as high as Eric Ebron but I think people will fall in love more with Seferian Jenkins more than Amaro

Alternate: LaMarcus Joyner: I don't see us going O line with signing of Incognito until later

4th pick (3rd rounder): Charles Sims: I want a running back who can do it all and compete for a starting job on day 1. Charles Sims is that back. Matt Forte Type who will only keep moving the chains

5th pick: Seantrel Henderson: Former no. 1 recruit in the nation, he has the build to be special but needs development

6th pick: Dri Archer: Fastest guy on the field wins the game a la Percy Harvin without his hands.

7th pick: Boseko Lokombo: A leader at Oregon who could be a great special teams player

8th pick: Wesley Johnson: Purely depth

Give me some thoughts, with this draft we definitely address pass rushing while keeping our coverage faster and hard hitting. Gives us different looks on offense and possibly makes our special teams relevant again. Amaro keeps our offense fresh and gives us looks for run blocking although he's not the best.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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