Potential Free Agent Fits That Nobody Is Talking About

The Falcons have been linked to many players that will be free agents this offseason such as Michael Johnson, Greg Hardy, Jarius Byrd and even Jimmy Graham(before Falcons nation realized that Graham seeing free agency was unrealistic). Every year fans get caught up with the idea of signing the top players in free agency, when realistically the Falcons are more likely to sign the underrated players that add depth to the team. Here is a list of players that not many fans are considering, but could be extremely solid signings for the Falcons.



Tony Gonzalez retiring leaves a gaping hole at the TE position. Some fans are believers of current TE Levine Toilolo and his 6'8" frame, but with only 11 catches for 55 yards did Toilolo show enough promise to warrant a starting position? At a minimum I believe the Falcons should sign a TE that is capable of starting in case Toilolo doesn't make significant progress in year two. This is why I suggest the Falcons sign Houston Texans TE Garrett Graham. Graham had a very respectable 2013 season posting 545 yards and 5 TDs on 49 recs with the disaster that was the Texans QB carousel. Imagine the statics he could put up in a potent Falcons offense with an established QB like Matt Ryan.

HENRY MELTON, DT Chicago Bears


Henry Melton is a player that is being wildly underrated. After tearing his ACL earlier this season it seems like everyone outside of Chicago has forgotten about a player that was considered one of the best DTs in the NFL. Now I am not suggesting we sign Melton to a long term contract, because you never know if a player is going to be the same after an ACL tear. What I am suggesting is a one to two year prove it deal that would allow us to address a position of need and Melton to prove to the league that he can still be a dominant player. Worst case scenario we take a chance on a player who has proven himself with past production.

TERRENCE CODY, DT Baltimore Ravens


Looking at the statistics Terrence Cody is a player that has failed to live up to his potential since he entered the NFL, but he could be a fit for the Falcons. In Baltimore Cody was asked to strictly be a NT and eat up space. Majority of NTs are not going to put up gaudy numbers. What Cody does offer is something that can't be taught which is size. Also known as "Mount Cody" this NT stands at 6'4" weighing 340 pounds. Mike Nolan's defense runs multiple 4-3 and 3-4 looks and Cody could play an important role in both. Our roster does not currently contain a true NT for our 3-4 fronts, so instantly Cody could come in and be our space eater when we run that defense. In the 4-3 Cody could potentially thrive, because for the first time in his career he wouldn't constantly see double teams. Signing Cody could give us our first behemoth DT since Grady Jackson. Why wouldn't you want a 340 pound lineman for 4th down/Goal line situations?

REX GROSSMAN, QB Washinton Redskins


To me this is a signing the Falcons should seriously consider. It's plain and simple, if something happens to Matt Ryan can our backup QBs really be trusted to win a couple of games as part time replacements? Grossman isn't the most impressive QB, but he is a game manager with superbowl experience that has proven he can come into a game and not ruin the team's chances to win.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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