The Mock Offseason that throws logic out the window

I wanted to create something that if worst case scenario happens. Meaning one of the five quarterbacks is taken and instead Greg Robison, Jake Matthews and Clowney are not there. I'm going straight to Free Agency and Draft.

Free Agency:

Linval Joseph

Michael Johnson

Jon Asamoah

Louis Delmas

My thinking is they want veteran leaderships on the line and since our holes are Guard, DT, DE, and FS then this is a possibility. Also we're resigning in the process Peters, Babs, Hawley, Reynolds


1. Sammy Watkins: Why? He's the best offensive player in the draft. Let's say that Mack and Watkins is there. Do we plug in a guy who doesn't play defensive end that well but could be Biermann's replacement or do we dangle the pick to the highest bidder? Now let's imagine a world where we're not getting the player we wanted. Wouldn't it make more sense to address LB later and actually get Roddy's replacement? Meanwhile we could trade Harry Douglas for say an extra 3 or 4 and have our screen game work even better? Roddy as a slot guy and Watkins and Jones as the outside guys? Speed would be killer.

2. Austin Seferian Jenkins/Jace Amaro: Why? How many lineman and DT's do we need in a 4-3? I mean I've seen drafts that have us picking 3 DT's with two still under contract. What? We still have 3 DE's on the roster also. That were in development last year. So by bringing in a veteran defensive end why not address the next biggest hole? Tight End. This does two things. One, our offense will be more potent than the finest wines. Two, it closes the door on the TG coming back to us. Period.

3. Demarcus Lawrence: De/OLB A LSU Linebacker who can play at a three point or stand up

4. Michael Sam: A highly potential stud that makes our ends a little faster

5. Adrian Hubbard: He didn't get a lot of chance to showcase his talent in Alabama but make no mistake he is a stud

6. Dri Archer: I'd rather see his take his chances at receiver but he's a return man like no other

7. Kapri Bibbs: Could eventually replace Quizz

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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