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Last year, the Seahawks traded a first round pick for Percy Harvin, who would return a touchdown in the Superbowl and was a nightmare for the Broncos. At first sight, I laughed at the idea because of how injury prone Harvin is and was during the 2013 season but how amazing of a variable he was. So I started to think about the possibilities of what if we trade one of our picks for players? For every Warren Sapp there's a dozen Glenn Dorsey and it made me realize that the cost of trading up for draft picks is too much compared to trading for proven players. We talk about creating a team that is the best of all parts. So in this post I'm making a short qualification list and the players that I think will warrant the trade. Murf Baldwin of Bleacherreport gave a really good summary of one player and why it makes sense so I want to capitalize it even further.

Falcons Needs: DT, DE, FS, G, C, TE


1. Has to hit the needs

2. Has to be on a rookie contract

3. Has to have more than one year on that contract

The reason for the rookie contract is because it won't go against our cap. So think about that, if we could get a proven player with a couple of years on their rookie contract then it's essentially plugging a hole without having to worry going against the cap.

The Players:

1. Bruce Irvin

I love Mack but, Irvin is a better player right now. He's athletic enough to get into the backfield consistently, agile enough to cover linebackers, and was known as a team leader with Seattle. His biggest knock? PED's being Adderrall that caused a four game suspension. I wrote some time ago about how the Comrade Filter has become a very good philosophy to have but, needs a tweak. With so many leaders on a team why don't we risk it on someone on caliber of Mack or Barr? Compensation? How about our 2nd or 3rd round pick? Let's face it. If we get say Greg Robison as our first pick how many 2nd rounders become someone like Bruce Irvin? It's a proven player that fits Nolan system that cost us someone who would still be developing this season.

2. Orson Charles

Cincinnati has Gresham and Eifert. Charles is more of an unproven quantity that was moved to H Back type blocking for Benjarvus Green Ellis and Giovanni Bernard. He paved ways for them that helped set up the running game and could be used to assist as a 2nd Tight End in a way Chase Coffman was. Because we are likely to get more than one 7th round pick and showing how effective the Bengals run game was I can see us trading for Charles for a 7th round pick.

3. Corey Lemonier

In limited action Lemonier had 2 quarterback hits and 5 hurries in 45 pass rushes. The Niners last year picked up a bunch of pass rushers with the idea that the next man up scheme would work. It worked for Seattle so why not San Fran? Lemonier will not become a starter next year and would essentially have 2 years to prove his roster spot. Because of the potential I think a 6 round pick is very justifiable for a guy who can reach the back field.

That's three names that I think could be definitely worth the draft pick. 6 and 7th round picks don't generally do much except add depth. At least here I can see it being worth it. When the Falcons traded for Asante Samuel we received him for very very little. Players like Wallace Gilberry, Robert Turbin, or even Larry Warford can be had for a cheap draft pick with low contracts to hit against our cap.

So what do you think?

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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