5 Year Draft History Of Teams Coaching Senior Bowl

As you probably know, the Atlanta Falcons coaching staff was chosen to coach the North squad of the Senior Bowl. But, what does this really mean? How has coaching the Senior Bowl affected teams drafts? I did a little research on who these teams picked after coaching the Senior Bowl, and how those picks panned out.

2009 NFL DRAFT: (Bengals and Jaguars coached Senior Bowl)

Bengals first 3 round selections: Andre Smith, Tackle(Junior). Rey Maualuga, Linebacker(In Senior Bowl). Michael Johnson, Defensive End(Senior, not in Senior Bowl).

Jaguars first 3 round selections: Eugene Monroe, Tackle(Senior, not in Senior Bowl). Eben Britton, Tackle(Junior). Terrance Knighton, Defensive Tackle(Senior, not in Senior Bowl). Derek Cox, Cornerback(Senior, not in Senior Bowl).

Analysis: The two teams had very solid drafts, but only Maualuga was in the Senior Bowl drafted by either team. Only two non-seniors drafted by the two teams combined.

2010 NFL Draft: (Lions and Dolphins coached Senior Bowl)

Lions first 3 round selections: Ndamukong Suh, Defensive Tackle(Senior, not in Senior Bowl). Jahvid Best, Running Back(Junior). Amari Spievey, Cornerback(Underclassmen).

Dolphins first 3 round selections: Jared Odrick, Defensive Tackle(Senior Bowl). Koa Misi, Defensive End(Senior Bowl). John Jerry, Tackle(Senior Bowl).

Analysis: The Dolphins had each of their 3 first round picks in the Senior Bowl but the Lions didn't draft any from the Senior Bowl. The Dolphins fell in love with a few players at the Senior Bowl it seems.

2011 NFL Draft: (Bengals and Bills coached Senior Bowl)

Bengals first 3 round selections: AJ Green, Wide Reciever(Junior). Andy Dalton, Quarterback(Senior Bowl). Dontay Moch, Linebacker.(Senior, not in Senior Bowl)

Bills first 3 round selections: Marcell Dareus, Defensive End(Junior). Aaron Williams, Cornerbacks(Junior). Kelvin Sheppard, Linebacker(Senior Bowl).

Analysis: Both teams had one Senior Bowl selection each, and each one has panned out to an extent. Both teams first round picks were no brainers.

2012 NFL Draft: (Vikings and Redskins coached Senior Bowl)

Vikings first 3 round selections: Matt Kalil, Tackle(Junior). Harrison Smith, Safety(Senior Bowl). Josh Robinson, Cornerback(Junior).

Redskins first 3 round selections: Robert Griffin III, Quarterback(Senior, not in Senior Bowl). Josh LeRibeus, Guard(Senior, not in Senior Bowl).

Analysis: Vikings snagged Smith from the Senior Bowl but other than that, no Senior Bowl participants. The RG3 trade up limited the Redskins chances though.

2013 NFL Draft: (Raiders and Lions coached Senior Bowl)

Raiders first 3 round selections: DJ Hayden, Cornerback(Senior, not in Senior Bowl. Also great story, if you haven't heard it go check it out). Menelik Watson, Tackle(Senior, not in Senior Bowl). Sio Moore, Linebacker(Senior, not in Senior Bowl).

Lions first 3 round selections: Ezekiel Ansah, Defensive End(Senior Bowl). Darius Slay, Cornerback(Junior). Larry Warford, Guard(Senior Bowl).

Analysis: The Lions went with two Senior Bowl players that panned out well, while the Raiders went with three seniors not in the Senior Bowl.

Overall Analysis: The teams that coached the Senior Bowls seemed to have pretty solid drafts. The players selected from the Senior Bowls were hits more times than not. But teams also had success drafting elsewhere, maybe because they were able to cross some guys off their big boards.

How do you think coaching the Senior Bowl will affect the Falcons draft and what prospects do you think would be the best fit for the Falcons?

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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