How to fix the oline with just the draft(assuming we fix dline with FA)

The best player for our needs at OT is Zack Martin.

He has good pass blocking(something that fails to be seen in greg robinson) and good runblocking. His dual posirion ability makes him a tdfriendly pick.

The only way we will get him is a trade down.

I see us falling maybe 10 spots. I wont guess what picks well get,but ill relegate those as defensive picks.

2nd round

There arent many prospects that truly fit us for ol that are likely to be in the second round,many of the best fits are likely to fall to the third. I reccomend taking dt aaron donald,but thats a different post.

3rd round Anthony Steen OG

Due to a shoulder injury,he likely fell fron the first round.

He has a good amount of upside and consistantly never gave up sacks. Will plug a huge hole at guard.

4th round Tyler Larsen,C

Proven leader with a mean streak and good athleticism.

Fits our scheme perfectly

5th round Seantrel Henderson

This is a scott pioli pick. Seantrel is a beast with an inhuman amount of potential and upside.He is very raw,and this is because he got suspended way too many times. There are a few question marks regarding whether or not he can remain drugfree and if he'll put effort. But I believe the falcons can rehabilitate him. I think mike tice and our extensive rookie "good person training"(cant remember actual name) can turn him around.

6th and 7th Best/Most versatile Olineman available

As evidenced in 2014,our depth in the oline is low. I believe that we should have a few people that can play any position,so we can basically plug and play whoever we want it goes down to the bottom of the depth chart.


You may think this is ridiculous taking an olineman with basically every pick. One,remember the trade down,but two realize how much cap space we have. If we take a DT in the second as I suggest,and sign free agent(like greg hardy) our pass rush will be upgraded significantly. This is how after the draft our oline will look.

LT(1)Sam Baker/Zack Martin LT(2)Lamar Holmes/Seantrel Henderson LT(3)Seantrel Henderson/Ryan Schrader

LG(1)Justin Blalock LG(2)Anthony Steen LG(3) Zack Martin

C(1)Joe Hawley/Tyler Larsen/Peter Konz C(2) Seantrel Henderson

RG(1)Anthony Steen RG(2)Peter Konz RG(3) Zack Martin

RT(1)Sam Baker/Zack Martin RT(2)Lamar Holmes/Seantrel Henderson RT(3)Seantrel Henderson/Ryan Schrader

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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