Falcons Mock Offseason 2.0 Realism Starts Setting In

My first mock offseason was more of a dream offseason. Things that could happen if everything fell correctly. This is now what is likely to happen this offseason. I am making this a lot shorter though focusing mainly on cuts, resigns, free agency and draft.

What will probably happen on things not covered

McClain, Drew Davis, Replogle, Kevin Cone resigned

Cuts: Based on Performance over how much they make

Stephen Nicholas

Jason Snelling

Asante Samuel

Osi Umenyiora

Thomas DeCoud

Garret Reynolds


Mike Johnson: He should be cheap. Very cheap and could be a diamond in the rough. He knows our system and brings back a viable backup option with potential starter material.

Corey Peters: With the torn Acl in place I actually expect us to focus on other players as well but, Peters does deserve rejoining us. He's been a stud and a gem that we found.

Joe Hawley: I'm all for resigning him and giving him a shot to lead to our line. He's improved greatly and could come at a low end bargain.

Free Agency:

Taking a look at the cuts we essentially need depth at linebacker, safety, and the trenches

Bernard Pollard: Thumper but he's at an age that could be leaving question marks. If we go after Byrd we may be mortgaging our future with Julio and a few others. At this point in Pollard's career he's in Asante's shoes. A three year deal stopgap. He would look great knocking out the middle of the field and stopping the run

Jon Asamoah: We find a Guard!!!! In truth it's either him or Geoff Schwartz and well Schwartz will probably get his since Asamoah was benched. Immediate upgrade to the right guard position and not too costly

Linval Joseph: I really thought about putting BJ Raji here but Joseph makes better sense, would be cheaper, and younger.


I'm thinking we get a 4th round for Brent Grimes


The Falcons trade their first and fourth round pick this year to the Cardinals for a 1st, 2nd, 5th for 2014 and 1st and 3rd for 2015 where the Cardinals select Johnny Manziel

With the 20th pick in the Nfl Draft the Falcons select Taylor Lewan University of Michigan

1. Taylor Lewan

2. Aaron Donald

2. Dominique Easley

3. Jeremiah Attaochu

4. Kapri Bibbs

5. Dri Archer

5. Joe Don Duncan

6. Tyler Larsen

7. Aaron Murray

My thinking goes like this. This draft is pretty deep with what's out there but you do win games in the trenches. I've thought it over and as much as I want a pass rusher on day one it's better to make Baker realize that his Falcon days have been given a time limit. The best thing about picking up Lewan is he doesn't need to be a starter from day one. He will compete but he doesn't need that pressure. Donald would help plug in next to Joseph. Easley gives us something to work on and if he's injury free would be a great pick. Attaochu to me is more linebacker material and could come in on situational downs. Bibbs is a very underrated talent and probably the best running back in terms of pure out there. Archer would immediately make our return game noticeable. Duncan could be the steal at tight end as an H Back with good hands. Larsen is a project who could be like Hawley. Murray would sell tickets lol.


Okay so if you noticed I don't know what to do with Babineaux. My logic says cut my emotion says keep at a discount. Since it makes no sense for me to do change anything about that situation I merely kept him off everything. That's a personal call on that subject.


We're not getting him. We can not trade up. I would throw something at TD if we traded up for Clowney. I would love to have him but he won't make it out of the top 5. Period.

So what do you think? I won't post another one till after Superbowl

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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