After careful thought...

I drive all over our fair state to provide a living for me and my family and I enjoy it. One thing that I enjoy about it is that it provides me plenty of time to think. I think about all kinds of things, but here lately I have been pondering how I would fix our football team.

A few days back I post a mock off season for the Falcons and looking back at the post it was more gut reaction than well thought out plan. I have sense given it more thought and now I present to you A Grimm Look v2.0


DT Peria Jerry- never lived up to the billing had a good year this but to little to late.

CB Asante Samuel- he would save us around 4.5mil in cap money if I looked at it right, and lets face it he got burnt to much this season to pay him that much when Alford had more upside

LB Stephen Nicholas- to much to pay a backup in my opinion, I could be wrong here but I say let him walk and maybe hit a home run in the draft or UDFA again for some depth.

FS Thomas Decoud- his cap savings is around 3mil and we all know he is not worth that. His money could be used to sign our draft picks and help get a FA

RB Jason Snelling- played ok when he had the chance but I believe Antone Smith could make more happen with his snaps or a drafted RB. Plus 1.3mil in cap saving my not be much but it could help.

OG Garrett Reynolds- another guy who is barley a backup much less depth. 1,3 mil is small but it starts to add up

Ok so after some cut our Cap space should be around 137 mil if I did my math right ( which I am sure if I did,someone will correct me pdq) this number also includes the 7 mil form Tony G.. Now on to FA

F.A. ( now i am not saying sign all of the guys just some ideas)

NT Linval Joseph- a versatile DT that could be an upgrade to the USS Babs and Jerry for sure

OT Anthony Collins- he could play RT while Holmes works on he game some more and step in at LT when Baker gets hurt again.

WR Julian Edelman- safety blanket for Matt Ryan and an upgrade to the punt returns finally

FS Jarius Byrd- he is going to cost a ton but it might just be worth it

DE Michael Johnson- we need a pass rush that can ne more than a off the bench player

Our guy we should re-up DT Corey Peters , Joe Hawley, Chase Coffman, Robert McClian , Mike Jonson. Redo Rody White to help with cap space and keep him here till he is done.

Ok on to the draft

Draft ( check out on the clock over at it is a full draft sim kinda fun )

1 DE Jadeveon Clowney

2 G Gabe Jackson

3 DT Aaron Donald

4 DT Ego Furguson

5 RB Kapri Bibbs

6 TE/FB Gator Hoskins

7 OW Dri Archer

After using the fanspeak draft sim this is what I got. I figure if Clowney is the you got to take a chance on him. I don't think we should trade up to get him or anything but if he is there then go for it. My other choices with our first pick is RT Greg Robinson from Auburn or Louis Nix from Notre Dame. If you look at our past few drafts we have taken a hand full of DE and I for one would like to see what Bryan Cox can do with them before we just give up on them. There was a time in the NFL that we gave draft picks time to develop before we labeled them a bust and moved on. With a crop of guy who have came and made an immediate impact it has ruined it for the rest, our own Matt Ryan being one of the culprits. So I say unless J. Clowney is there when pick we should go OT or DT first maybe even FS to replace Thomas Decoud. I could be way off base with that, I mean we could be so desperate for a elite pass rusher that we that Barr or Mack with the number six pick and try to fix our D line and O line later in the draft which I guess is why I am on my computer and not work at Flowery Branch.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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