Fandom and My Apologies

I've been planning to write this fanpost for a while now but started getting paranoid that everyone would hate it (because this site is not shy about sharing their feelings on any given subject hoo boy). Currently writing this from the bookstore on LSU's campus where I'm attending graduate school.

I rarely post here because I don't really have the football IQ that the other illustrious members have and I'm nowhere near as eloquent . Instead I usually just rely on my eyes rather than stats (i.e. "Wow, Matt Ryan had time to throw that. Our O-line sucks" or "Did Thomas Decoud just play two hand touch with Jimmy Graham? Ugh...") It's somehow enough to make most men humor me because apparently they don't know many women THAT interested in football. However I'm here because I'm a huge fan of the Falcons and I love watching football and getting involved in the larger fandom and rivalries.

Yep, and that brings us to the the heart of this fanpost. The fandom. It kinda got ugly on this site at certain points this past season. I very much fall into the group that would've been accused of being a Matt Ryan fanboy (err...fangirl) and would've gotten yelled at for telling everyone to calm down when they were freaking out. Which is also why I started lurking more often than not. It was just hard to see sAints fans more positive about the Falcons than some fans were and I'm optimistic by nature :/

I hate being accused of being a part of fair-weather fanbase and I admit that I take it very personally. I lost heart coming here and seeing negativity all the time...but over the course of time I realized it was stupid of me. I lurked on other SB Nations boards and saw (on more than three occasions) fans of different teams ironically calling for fans to stop supporting the team in terms of buying merchanidse and ticket sales in order to get the message across to the front office. I had to laugh at that in light of all the accusations throw at our fanbase--especially since one of those teams was the Cowboys.

I may not have written many inflammatory posts, but I definitely rec'd them. I'm sorry for getting so defensive and for the hostility I showed toward the Falcons fanbase this past season. The board is called The Falcoholic for a reason, and for better or worse, we love this team whether we buy tickets or not, whether we buy merchandise or not. Living in Louisiana now, I'll be wearing my Falcons stuff regardless of how they do because I'm loyal to a fault. I won't antagonize Saints fans here because it's their home turf, but I WILL retaliate if someone comes at me first lol. Yeah, this fanpost is kinda dumb, but I had to get it off my chest.

PS: Okay, I fully cop to being a Matt Ryan fangirl. It's not that he can do no wrong, but he is totally awesome. Also, there's still one thing that will make me turn on a fellow Falcons fan: if you even suggest that Mike Vick is better than Matty Ice



Ahem. Rise Up!~

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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