My Mock Offseason

Cuts: Lots of them. We have a lot of overpaid players and the team can create lots of cap space by releasing them.

1. Thomas Decoud (FS) - Can't cover or tackle.

2. Osi Uminyiora (DE) - Too expensive and upgrade the position in Free Agency.

3. Asante Samuel (CB) - Way to expensive and old. Our CB duo from last draft is ready to take over.

4. Garrett Reynolds (OG) - Doesn't have a future on this team.

5. Stephen Nicholas (OLB) - He is terrible.

6. Jason Snelling (RB) - Going with younger running backs.

7. Steven Jackson (RB) - Can get cheaper at the position. Jacquizz Rodgers, Antoine Smith, and RB in draft should be a solid running back by committee for a primary passing attack.

8. Kroy Biermann (OLB/DE) - Isn't as effective as he needs to be and is coming off a major injury.

9. Matt Bryant (K) - Too much money in the Kicker position.

Resign Players: We have some Free Agents of our own to bring back.

1. Corey Peters (DT) - Plays the run well. Coming off an injury should lower his price tag.

2. Jonathan Babineaux (DT) - Babs should come cheap and can still be an impact player.

3. Robert McClain (Nickel) - Nickel corner with Alford and Trufant starting.

4. Joe Hawley (C/OG) - Should compete with Konz for starting center.

5. Mike Johnson (OT/OG) - Cross trained at multiple positions in the line. Should come cheap coming off injury.

Free Agency: Two major signings that puts play makers on both side of the ball.

1. Jimmy Graham (TE) - The Saints can't afford him. MR2 needs a TE to throw to and he can line up in the slot also.

2. Michael Johnson (DE) - Former Tech player returns to Atlanta. He can bring a lot of pass rush and also plays the run well.

Draft: I gave us an extra 4th rounder compensatory pick from losing Grimes.

1st Round Pick: Jake Matthews (OT) - Franchise Left Tackle.

2nd Round Pick: Gabe Jackson (OG) - Starting RG that adds a force in the run game.

3rd Round Pick: Michael Sam (OLB) - Good blitzing linebacker. Would add much needed depth at LB.

4th Round Pick: Terrence Brooks (FS) - Starting FS. Huge upgrade over Decoud.

4th Round Comp Pick: Calvin Barnett (DT) - Solid depth added to the def tackles.

5th Round Pick: James Wilder Jr. (RB) - Big Running back for power run game to replace SJax.

6th Round Pick: Taylor Hart (DE) - Big DE that is quick off the snap and can bull rush. Should compete with Goodman.

7th Round Pick: Anthony Fera (K) - Replaces Matt Bryant.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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