The Best And Worst Falcons Predictions I've Ever Made


Hoo boy, this should be fun.

One of the advantages of being a writer for a site like The Falcoholic is that your mistakes tend to wash away in the tide of articles you write in an average week. If I make a mistake or write something idiotic on Monday, chances are good most of you will forget about it by Friday.

Unfortunately, you can't run from your worst predictions forever, because this site has an archive and you guys delight in tormenting me. After seeing one of my fellow SBN writers recall his best and worst predictions, I knew I could stir up some (mostly) good-natured razzing by bringing mine up. I think you can guess the worst.

The Worst Prediction

This one is easy, despite my hilarious history of hyping players like David Irons and Dominique Franks. The worst prediction I ever made was that the Falcons would not draft Matt Ryan because he was a bum. More or less.

There's more than one incriminating article here—I suggest that Ryan's intangibles are his best feature, salivate over Glenn Dorsey and throw a minor fit when he's drafted—and you'll get a good laugh out of all of them. Seriously, I could not have been more wrong if I had peered into the future and wrote the opposite of everything that actually happened.

The Best Prediction

From the very beginning, I can honestly say I was on board with the GM/Coach tandem of Thomas Dimitroff and Mike Smith. I was not nearly as strident about this as I was about Matt Ryan's future as a poopy quarterback, but here's what I said at the time, when there was some angst after the draft:

Instead of landing a hotshot coach and general manager combination, Arthur Blank managed to hire respected and intelligent general manager Dimitroff and unassuming yet talented coach Mike Smith.

I condemned the Matt Ryan pick, but I understood that these guys had a plan and were going to built this franchise back up. I couldn't have known success would come so quickly, but you can hardly blame me for that, right?

Share your best and worst predictions with the class!

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