The Final Falcons Mock Draft...BOOK IT!!


This is one of the main reasons I read as a child, so I could get that personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. And I know you all did it as well. There was nothing like earning a free pizza as a 6 year old kid, right? And mom & dad were proud of you too. That was like the icing on the cake.

But anyway, Happy Wednesday or Happy NFL Draft Eve to you. Hope you all are containing your excitement about the draft because I know I'm not. This is like Christmas Eve for a die hard football fan in a way because you've watched those boxes under the tree for sometime now wondering, "Is that the new toy I've been asking and wishing for all year"?, only for it to be socks or underwear, which isn't what you wanted but definitely what you needed.

So I guess it worked out.

While envisioning that, imagine Santa Claus being Thomas Dimitroff.

What is Santa going to deliver us this year??

Although I don't think there is going to be a Julio Jones box under the tree this year, there will be a lot of good ones nonetheless.

Now I know nicknames have been coined for TD such as, "Comrade" and "Professor" as I've heard some say, but I wanna give Mr. Dimitroff a new nickname.


How about the "Mad Scientist?" Maybe....or....maybe not?

Now to the mock draft....FINALLY! (I know right)

In my opinion, the current needs of the Atlanta Falcons are:

1. Two starting caliber corners - I believe in today's NFL, teams need to have 3 starting caliber corners on their roster. With the departure of Dunta Robinson and Brent Grimes, that need should be addressed early and often. And of course, we already have Asante Samuel on board.

2. A rush end - Of course it is obvious that the Dirty Birdz could use a young pass rusher. However, most great rushers are drafted within the first 15 picks. If we stay where we are at #30, I don't think we will get lucky and one fall to us. So let's not get bent out of shape about not getting Carradine, Ansah, or Jordan. We can still draft a mid to late round guy, as this draft is deep with good pass rushers. There's a reason why we drafted Massaquoi and signed Osi U., it'll all work itself out.

3. Linebackers - For some reason I'm still seeing Zach Miller & Vernon Davis having career games, running wide open all over the field replaying in my mind over and over like a recurring nightmare. Ok obviously we need a couple of good coverage linebackers that can make plays in the running game as well. Also they need to be good open field tacklers, as I think we were deficient in that facet. Two "headbusters" would be greatly appreciated TD. (I hope Goodell doesn't fine me for saying that)

4. The heir apparents - It's no mystery that we are not young at the RB & TE positions. The Falcons should address those needs in the mid to late rounds of the draft. I'm not of the notion that we need to draft a TE in the first round. All I have to say is: Jason Witten, Jimmy Graham, & Antonio Gates. What do these guys have in common? None were drafted in the first two rounds, and one wasn't even drafted, but they're all considered elite TE's in the NFL. Simply put, we don't have to get a TE early to get a great TE, they can be found later on in the draft. So all you "Eifert" and "Ertz" worshipers, just relax and let the "Mad Scientist" do his thing.

5. Backup QB - We all know Matty Ice is "the guy" from now until he decides to hang up the spikes in the ATL. I believe there is still a need at the backup QB spot. Although not too important, we do need someone capable of moving the offense in the event Matt Ryan gets nicked up. (Hopefully that never happens, but we gotta be realistic)

6. OL Depth - With the departure of Tyson Clabo, I think they find a sleeper late in the draft to develop (or not to develop if he's legit) and add to our OL rotation.

With that being said, let's mock....

1st – Alec Ogletree – LB – Georgia

2nd – Darius Slay – CB – Miss. State

3rd – Blidi Wreh-Wilson – CB – UConn

4th – Sean Porter – LB – Texas A&M

4th – Le'Veon Bell - RB - Michigan State

5th – Denard Robinson – WR – Michigan

6th – JC Tretter - OG - Cornell

7th – Quanterus Smith – RE – Western Kentucky

7th – Lawrence Okoye - DE/DT - Great Britain

7th – Ryan Otten – TE – San Jose St.

7th – Landry Jones - QB - Oklahoma

You are welcome to critique

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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