Mocking the Falcons draft

I was in this 7 round mock draft and drafting for the Falcons. I taught I would just show who I got and explain why I drafted the way I did. I know some players fell way more than should have, but you know, take it for what is it. And no, I didn't draft Honey Badger so please keep you pants on.

1 round: Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame

I love me some Eifert. I really believe he got what it takes to replace Tony Gonzalez. Got no regret by taking him 30th overall. I wouldn't trade up for him but I wasn't gonna let him slip by either. I love Eiferts hands, his size and the threat he is in the redzone. He's not as good a blocker as Ertz and Kelce, but he makes up for that with his playmaking ability. Besides you don't take a TE in the first round for his blocking skills.

2 round: Alex Okafor, DE, Texas

I didn't think Okafor would fall that far in the 2 round but he did and I had to get him. I was afraid the Colts, Packers or Texas would take him before I was OTC, so I made a quick deal with the Vikings. Our 2nd and 3rd round picks for their 2nd and 4th rounders. I like that Okafor can rush the passer and he's factor in the run game too.The Ray Edwards comparison doesn't scare me. I think he can be solid and a player Nolan would enjoy coaching.

4 round: Sean Porter, OLB, Texas A&M

Porter would've been my 3rd round pick, luckily he fell to the 4th round. I see him taking over for Nicholas. Porter can do just about the same as him but his covering skills are way better. He adds some much needed depth. Plus he can go after the QB.

4 round: DJ Hayden, CB, Houston

Man, what a story, what a kid. Mike Mayocks 1# CB in this years draft. I could easily see him being drafted in the first round now that he's medically cleared. When I look at DJ Hayden, I see Asante Samuel v.2. He'll struggle tackling in open field and make you go: "God damint, DJ!" But he'll make it up with his ball skills and physical playing style. I wouldn't be worried about starting DJ next to Samuel.

4 round: Marcus Lattimore, HB, South Carolina

With 3 picks in the 4th round I felt like I could afford to gamble with Lattimore. From what I head it sounds like he's in great recovery. With SJax, Quizz and Boobie we can sit him the whole 2013-14 season and be sure he's 100% ready for 2014-15. He's a great athlete and a even greater human. He'll fit great in the locker room. I wouldn't take him earlier than the 4th round though.

5 round: Kwame Geathers, DT, Georgia

He'll replace Swagger Vance just fine. I love his size. When we run the 3 DT look I could see Geathers in the middle with Babs and Perter on his sides. At least he'll bring some depth and competition to the D-line.

6 round: Omoregie Uzzi, OG, Georgia Tech

Another local kid. He was the bread and butter on a strong Tech O-line. A monster in the run game, not so much in the passing game. That needs work. He's a leader and would be a great fit for the O-line. SJax would love this pick.

7 round: Cooper Taylor, S, Richmond

Look! Another Richmond kid. I have a plan with Taylor. He's almost too big to play S(6'5ft), I'd convert him to ILB and let him cover those darn TEs. I could totally see him go up to Coach Smith and say: "Put me in the middle, ******"

7 round: Brandon Kaufman, WR, Eastern Washington

Seattle wants to get bigger in their secondary? Fine, we'll just get even bigger. Kaufman is 6'5ft and awesome. He played on the world's most annoying field. But he's a gamer. "Playing in 42 games over four seasons, Kaufman hauled in 221 passes for 3,731 yards and 33 touchdowns." It was against a meh level of competition but I'd still be willing to take a chance on him. He could be moved to TE but I want to see him play WR.

7 round: Michael Mauti, LB, Penn State

LBs from Penn State usually turns out pretty alright. Mauti has quite the injury history but he's worth a 7th round pick. Without the injuries he would've been a top 50 pick. He lacks speed, but he reads the game great. In the first couple of seasons he could be a great contributor on ST.

7 round: Marcus Cromartie, CB, Wisconsin

No, he's not Antonios brother or love child. Good seize, absolutely love his speed. He's a former track athlete. He still needs to learn how to play CB, but the physical tools are there. He wouldn't start right away but can contribute on ST and adds nice depth. Besides it wouldn't be a Falcons draft if we didn't draft a Badger.

So there it is. The draft began before we lost Grimes and Owens. That's why I didn't draft CBs before the later rounds. I'm still excited about DJ Hayden. Now he'll be long gone by the 4th round. Also english isn't my first language so I apologize for any grammatical errors there might be.

For the lolz you can see the entire draft right here: Please don't get me to make sense of why the Giants moved from #19 to #1 to draft Joeckel.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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