Rocking the Mocks - Rounds 1 to 3

If you’re like me, you’ve been pouring over various lists of top players (the ubiquitous “big board”), player stats and profiles, even looking at videos of players that catch your interest, particularly as potential draft picks for our favorite team. Then, of course, there are those ever-shifting, diverse guesses of the draft’s charted path, the Mock Drafts.

Now you can go through multiple predictions of possible draft choices for every team, in order, by sources ranging from ex-NFL top executives to computerized programs. In reality, we understand that these things, be they simply predictions of the first round, or lengthy mapping of the entire course of seven rounds, are merely guesses of how the draft might play. No consideration is given to try to predict trades, etc. and as such, by the middle of the first round they are usually running far astray of the draft reality. Nonetheless, we have a plethora of Mock Draft choices now, a mere week before the draft, and I thought it would be fun to display what a few of them suggested might be possible for the Falcons for discussion. I’ve chosen a few mocks that project seven rounds and, for this post, included the three rounds of Matthew Fairburn’s SB Nation three-round mock.

Identified by initials only, here are their predictions for the Falcons 1st round:

WF: Desmond Trufant

CC: Desmond Trufant

DT: Jamar Taylor

DS: Desmond Trufant

SBN: Desmond Trufant

Easy to see a pattern here; many mocks have gravitated toward one of these two cornerbacks as we get closer to the draft. There are still a lot of other single-round mocks that have us picking CB Johnthan Banks, TEs Tyler Eifert or Zach Ertz, DEs Bjorn Werner or Corey Lemonier, and our own Dave selected DE Tank Carradine in a recent live mock. Personally, I think it would be great to pick Eifert, but it’s a luxury we simply can’t afford with so many needs on defense. I personally think defensive back is our biggest need, so I’m onboard with Trufant or Taylor. I could also see picking Werner if he falls this far or Carradine if the first-tier CBs get scooped up before we pick at #30. I think this is a little high for Lemonier, who I have tabbed as a 2nd round option. I also have a sleeper pick for a guy I like in Arthur Brown, LB. Maybe a tad small, but he’s remarkably versatile, with good instincts, and can cover or rush the passer. My pick this week? Jamar Taylor.

Now for the second round:

WF: Cornelius Washington

CC: Corey Lemonier

DT: Sio Moore

DS: Gavin Escobar

SBN: Margus Hunt

A lot more diversity with these picks, and they all obviously assume we picked a cornerback in the 1st. If we didn’t, and actually caught Werner in a drop, or plucked Carradine, we obviously need to dig out a corner in the 2nd round, whether it’s Blidi Wreh-Wilson, David Amerson or Leon McFadden. If we snagged Trufant/Taylor in the first round, I like the idea of taking a defensive end or a versatile outside linebacker here that can add some coverage skills along with ability to bring pressure. If Hunt’s available here, I think you have to take him over Washington as a defensive end. I like Corey Lemonier, who has some versatility, projecting as a 4-3 DE or 3-4 OLB. I also like Sio Moore, though he's more a pure linebacker and there’s a chance he falls to the 3rd. I would also have to hope Escobar also keeps falling to the third. My pick this week? Corey Lemonier.

The third round:

WF: Jamie Collins

CC: Sean Porter

DT: John Simon

DS: Sam Montgomery

SBN: Marcus Lattimore

Say we missed on Hunt in the second and took Corey Lemonier at DE/OLB. In the first, we snagged Jamar Taylor at CB. Not bad so far, but now we still need a pure 4-3 outside linebacker, right? Well, maybe. If we did snag one of these DEs, I like John Simon’s relentless motor over Montgomery’s self-admitted variable output. Easier to throttle a high-revving motor down than to try to coax a coughing motor up. Simon’s another hybrid, being a bit small, but a leader on and off the field, which should warm TD’s heart. Another DE to consider here, though unlisted, is Lavar Edwards. Collins probably projects more as a 3-4 OLB, and Porter seems to be falling down some boards. Marcus Lattimore is a popular pick that I’d love to have a shot at in the 4th, but not here. My sleeper pick(s)? Some draft mocks have Gavin Escobar falling as far as our #92 overall pick. If he does, I think we have to take him. If that doesn’t happen, but Sio Moore is available here, I take him. My likely pick this week is John Simon.

So there we are. There are tough, tough choices out there, but by all reports we’re actually positioned in the sweet spot of this draft near the end of the 1st round. We might even consider trading down to the 2nd to get an extra mid-to-late 3rd or high 4th round pick. Trades aside, my current mock draft picks (this week) are 1st (#30) Jamar Taylor, 2nd (#60) Corey Lemonier, 3rd (#92) John Simon. What are yours?

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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