Mock Draft 4.0

It's been a while since I posted a mock but I'm back to give you guys my thoughts on some of the players I think we could draft this year. So here we go.

1st RD: Datone Jones/DE/UCLA: Point blank period this guy is a monster. Dominated at the Senior Bowl. He has a exceptional burst off the line, violent hands, and a great motor. I think he can be a 8-10 sack guy no problem. Pairing him with Osi should really give our pass rush a boost. Something we've been needing for a while now.

Link: (Jones vs Nebraska & Rice 2012)

2nd RD: DJ Hayden/CB/Hou: He is a very instinctive and savy DB. He has good recover and overall speed. He is scrappy which I like in a CB. His tackling could definitely improve in the open field but as a cover guy I think he can become a beast.

Link: ( Hayden vs UCLA 2012)

3rd RD: Travis Kelce/TE/Cinn.: One of my favorite prospects in the draft. By far the best traditional TE in this class. I could see us drafting a Eifert or Reed but they are really tweeners as TE's. Kelce is a great blocker who has underrated speed. He also is a very solid route runner who would be an asset as a 3rd down option for Ryan. Unfortunately he does have some character red flags which could cause the FO to stay clear of him but I don't think that outweighs his potential as a stud TE.

Link: (Kelce vs UConn 2012)

4th RD: Zavier Gooden/OLB/Mizzou: Back to the Big 12 for another stud LB. Gooden is a LB with great range and coverage skills. He is a bit raw and might need some time to develop but with his speed added to Spoon and Nichs we could have the best LB group in the NFC behind SF.

Link: (Gooden vs UGA 2012)

4th RD: Chris Jones/DT/ Bowling Green: A underrated DT who can rush the passer. He had 12.5 sacks last year to go along with 42 tackles with 19 of them being tackles for loss. He really isn't as solid against the run but he can be a great situational pass rusher for us.

Link: ( Jones vs Miami of Ohio 2012)

5th RD: Marcus Lattimore/RB/South Car.: Let's take a risk for a change. I think if healthy Lattimore has a 1st round talent. If he can recover we would have a trio of backs who could hurt you in numerous ways. Injuries do happen and S Jax does have a history of injury issues. Knock on wood but if something was to happen I think a shot on Lattimore could pay off.

Link: ( Marcus Lattimore Highlights)

6th RD: Conner Vernon/WR/Duke: I'm calling it. Best hands in the draft. He reminds me so much of Wes Welker. A very solid slot WR who is tough enough to make the catch over the middle. I think he can take HD spot fairly quickly given his crisp route running and amazing hands.

Link: (Vernon vs Cincinnati 2012)

7th RD: Ryan Griffin/QB/Tulsa: My favorite sleeper in this draft. He has great pocket awareness, solid arm strength, and very underrated accuracy and mobility. His accuracy is great often making opposite shoulder throws and putting the ball where his receiver can run after the catch without breaking stride. Personally I would love to see him and Dom Davis duke it out for the #2 spot behind Ryan.

Link: (Tulane highlights vs Rice 2012)

7th RD: Brandan Bishop/S/NC St.: A ballhawking S who could be a sleeper this late. His tackling could improve but he does have natural instincts and plays his ass off. He would be a great back up for Thomas Decoud.

Link: (Bishop vs BC 2012)

7th RD: Michael Mauti/LB/Penn St.: A very underrated ILB. A natural leader he fits the bill of a Smitty guy. Injury concerns are the only reason why he has fallen this far. Good instincts with a high football IQ would be a great steal this late in the draft for us.

Link: ( Mauti vs Ohio State 2012)

UDFA Highlight reels

Tim Jenkins/QB/Fort Lewis


Greg Reid/CB/Valdosta State


Joseph Lebeau/OLB/ Jackson State


Mark Jackson/LT/ Glenville State


Nick Driskill/S/Mount Union


Norman White/WR/Villanova


Ben Obaseki/DE/Inidana State


<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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