Falcons Flyover: 4/10/13

Kevin C. Cox

News and notes on the Falcons from around the Web.

White Takes on Bayless

In case you didn't hear, Roddy White joined the special folks at ESPN First Take on Wednesday. While it is part of my moral code to avoid this show at all costs, I did find it entertaining to read people's reactions to White's spot. As expected, Skip Bayless and Roddy argued quite a bit, and the two didn't quite agree on who was the best team in the NFL.

White said what he's expected to say -- that the Falcons are the best right now -- and proclaimed that this upcoming season has sky high expectations.

"We know it's now Super Bowl or bust," White said, via ESPN.com. "Anything short of that is not a good season for us right now."

Brian Banks Not Worried About Being a Long-Shot

We've all heard about the great Brian Banks story over the past few weeks. While his journey has been inspiring, he still has quite a bit of work to do.

Making the Falcons roster is far from a guarantee for Banks. True, Atlanta has some vacancies to fill at linebacker, but there will be competition.

"I'm well aware of what people think about this," Banks said. "That's not something I can control. All I know is I have been given a chance. As coach [Mike] Smith and Mr. Dimitroff told me, 'We didn't bring you here for nothing. There's no reason for us to bring you in, unless we think you have a chance to help us.' But when people say I really don't have a chance, it fuels me. I do have to cover some ground, but what I'm happy about right now is that even though I am 27, I'm a young 27."

Greg McCrary Passes Away

Some unfortunate news: former Falcons tight end Greg McCrary passed away last night three days after suffering a cardiac arrest. He was 61.

Former DE Edwards Gives Boxing a Shot

Looks like our old friend Ray Edwards has left football for another sport.

Having been released by the Falcons last season, the former defensive end has decided to try a career in boxing. Good luck?

"It puts a target on my head because people think I'm trying to make this jump and they think 'oh he thinks he can just come into the game I've been doing my whole life?'" said Edwards. "People are scrutinizing me, saying I'm a joke -- I'm a bad joke. It puts a chip on my shoulder.

"I have to not just win decisions, but win spectacularly. I want to be a guy who people are proud to say 'that's our champion right there.'"

Falcons Serving as Waiters for Charity

This is a pretty neat little off-season event the Falcons are doing. Some players -- including Cliff Matthews and Peter Konz -- are serving as waiters at a local Mellow Mushroom to support the Edmondson Telford-Center for Children.

It doesn't get much better than Mellow Mushroom, so definitely check this out if you're in the area and help a good cause.

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