My Falcons Offseason

Been doing some research instead of homework (so pretty typical). I'm giving this a shot.

Key Departures: Tony Gonzalez, Abraham, Dunta Robinson, Michael Turner

Free Agent Signings: Here We Go

DE Wallace Gilberry: 4years 4million Gilberry in 209 Pass Rushes recorded 6.5 sacks, 3 QB hits, and 10 pressures. Abraham played around 732 snaps and recorded 10 sacks. So if we give Gilberry Abraham type playing time theoretically we're looking at 19 sacks 9 QB hits and 30 pressures thats top 10 Defensive End type of play. Now I'll be the first to acknowledge that some of the teams he got his sacks in were not against Elite Teams however he's a low risk gamble at best. He did record 7 sacks while playing for the Chiefs so production can be there.

OLB Phillip Wheeler: 3 years 5 million I dunno about you guys but I remember that Raiders game and I remember hearing Wheeler's name a lot. Wheeler went to GT Tech and his experience and youth (28) will be beneficial in terms of covering Tight Ends

TE Jared Cook: 4 years 24 million I think we sneak up and grab him. Look the Titans with six days to go to FA could very well resign him. If they do then pencil in Brandon Myer at 3 year 11 million.

RB Chris Ivory: 4 years 7 million He runs angry. Nuff Said


William Moore: 5 year 30 million: He deserves it sure but we definitely need to see if Charles Mitchell can be a back up safety then. WillyMo does a little bit of everything

Brent Grimes: 3 year 10 million OR 1 year 5 million: I've heard people argue that ACL injuries are not that big of a deal anymore. And yet I throw back that not everyone is Adrian Peterson. I'd love for Grimes to stay but it's the prove me contract at the this point.

Sam Baker: 5 year 20 million: I know big shock on the number but let's face it. The Falcons know what they have in him and even though he played well last season the fact is we're still uncertain if he is a healthy guy. Structure him like DeCoud to give us a chance to get out while we can.

Vance Walker: 4 year 3 million: Walker is situational but boy can he anchor. Honestly I think bringing back Walker is more important then bringing back Grimes.

I won't list the rest of the contracts but Reynolds, Owens, and McClain all come back

1st Round Pick: Trade Down OR CB Xavier Rhodes OR Tank Carradine

Rhodes will probably be gone but I've seen people all over the board with him

Tank I think will be an excellent pass rusher who will prove everyone how amazing he really is

2nd Round Pick: Jesse Williams OR Dallas Thomas

Jesse would be an amazing pick for us...if he's there.

If not then I present Dallas Thomas. Our Running game suffered because of injuries. With Mud Duck retiring and Reynolds coming off back injuries Dallas gives us versatility which we all know our offense loves. Put Konz in his natural position and Thomas next to him and whoever we field in the backfield will be ready to plow

3rd Round Pick: Brandon Williams OR Gavin Escobar

If Jesse isn't there then Brandon will be and either way it fills the need of NT

Gavin may need a little seasoning BUT thats why he'll be groomed.

4th Round Pick: Chris Harper WR

Roddy is getting up there and HD isn't cutting it for me time to get younger and hungrier

4th Round Pick Tyrann Mathieu

Ok lets not BS. Our Special Teams SUCKS! Mathieu may only be a nickel corner but believe me his special teams is out of this world.

5th round Pick: Nico Johnson

More depth and a probably good special teams pick

6th Round Pick Josh Evans

He may be gone he may not but we need guys who can get downfield for special teams

7th Round Pick Cierre Wood

Norte Dame was very successful in their run game this past year he might be a sleeper who we'll love having

Thanks for reading

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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