Mock Off-season 6.0

Free agency is upon us so that means its time for another mock. We've mostly retained our own guys, but I think we will make a move or two before the draft. The Comrade has alot of holes to fill in the coming weeks so I'll provide my best attempt to guess what he'll do. As always, let me know what you think. A link to the previous mocks are below.

Key Departures:

  1. Brent Grimes: Word is he wants the biggest offer available. ATL may not be willing to pay him what he wants.
  2. Peria Jerry: He teases us each preseason, but eventually, every tease has to "put out". Pariah Jelly will be 29 before the season starts. I don't see him finally having a break out season.
  3. Mike Peterson: D-Block will miss him
  4. Robert James: Has done nothing to warrant a roster spot. Its time to move on.

Other Departures:

Mike Cox, Tommy Gallarda, Luke McCown, Chris Hope, Kevin Cone, Tim Toone, Kerry Meier, Michael Palmer

Key re-signings:

  1. Vance Walker: I think he's just as disruptive as Babs and is only 25 years old **signed with Oakland after the fanpost was submitted**
  2. Robert McClain: is an ERFA meaning he can only sign with ATL

Free Agency additions

1. Tracy Porter CB: He missed several games last season due to "light headedness" after suffering a seizure during training camp. He recently proclaimed himself healthy for the 2013 season. Jason Snelling suffers from seizures but has had a long career in ATL. It appear's Porter's was a one time occurance. Porter is not a lock down CB, but he's definitely an upgrade over Dunta. He's also just 26 yrs old. (signs a 2 yr $3 mil contract)

2. Karlos Dansby MLB He's a solid coverage LB and would add depth to our weak LB corp. He should take over the starting position from Dent. He had 9 passes defensed to go along with 134 tackles. This signing makes alot of sense. (signs a 1 yr $1.5 mil contract)

2013 NFL Draft

1st round Alex Okafor DE Texas (6'5 261 lbs):It looks more and more like Dimitroff will address the DE position in the draft. Okafor is not an elite pass rusher, but he'll be the best DE available at pick #30. He's a guy who could be a perennial 8-9 sack guy and shut down the run.

2nd round Khaseem Greene OLB Rutgers (6'1 241 lbs): He's quite possibly the most explosive OLB in the draft. He's a 3 down LB with incredible speed and athleticism. He'd solve our issues covering TE's. He would start alongside Spoon from day 1.

3rd round Leon McFadden CB San Diego State (5'10 193 lbs): The fact that we share the same 1st name has absolutely nothing to do with this selection. Well, maybe it does, but McFadden is the real deal. He is a great cover corner with athleticism and ball hawking skills.

4th round John Simon DE Ohio State (6'1 257 lbs): He's a fun guy to watch because he's always fired up and always seems to be around the ball. He reminds me alot of Dwight Freeney because they both are short but make up for it with their relentless pursuit of the ball.

4th round Dion Sims TE Michigan State (6'5 262 lbs):He's an incredibly athletic TE who reminds me alot of Fred Davis. He's a great blocker, has very good speed, he has soft hands, and he's a bull to bring down in open space. He can take over as the blocking TE and replace Harry Douglas in the slot to create HUGE mismatches. (compensatory pick for Curtis Lofton)

5th round Kwame Geathers DT Georgia (6'6 342 lbs): A massive defensive tackle who has shown good run stuffing skills. IMO, he outplayed John Jenkins on UGA's DL. He'd be an immediate upgrade over Pariah Jelly.

6th round Oscar Johnson OT/OG Louisiana Tech (6'5 331 lbs) : He's a big, hulking blocker who was a 2nd team All WAC selection at left tackle. He has great strength and shows tremendous power on blocks. He also has experience at OG. He could be groomed to take over for Clabo or Blalock. He's a more polished than Holmes was when we drafted him.

7th round Jasper Collins WR Mount Union (5'10 180 lbs): He put on a show at the East-West Shrine game. He looks the part of an NFL slot WR and should be able to put heat on HD for playing time.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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