Mock Off-Season 4.0

I'm back again with an updated mock off-season. The 2012 season is in the books so I'm in full out "mock" mode. I made quite a few changes to the draft, roster departures, and key re-signings sections. If you've read any of my mocks, you'll know I am a big proponent of the 3-4. I feel strongly Mike Smith will lean this direction after evaluating our personnel. As always, let me know what you think. A link to the previous mocks are below:

Key Departures:

  1. Dunta Robinson: Yes, its a shocker. I love Dunta, but he could be a cap casualty
  2. Tony Gonzalez: Retired
  3. Michael Turner: He's expensive and on the wrong side of 30
  4. Todd McClure: Its time for Mud Duck to ride off into the sunset
  5. Garrett Reynolds: Back injuries tend to linger. Between Manley, McClendon, Gunn, and Johnson, we will find his replacement. Also, all four are good run blockers-and let's not forget: Dahl and Clabo both started out as UDFA's. McClendon, who was a 2010 4th rounder, is a guy to look out for.

Other Departures:

Mike Peterson, Lawrence Sidbury, Dominique Franks, Mike Cox, Peria Jerry, Tommy Gallarda, Luke McCown, Robert James, Chris Hope, Antone Smith, Kevin Cone

Key re-signings:

  1. William Moore: Pay the man
  2. Vance Walker: Swagger Vance simply has to be re-signed
  3. Robert McClain: He's young & has been a nice addition to the team
  4. Brent Grimes: Adam Schefter reported Grimes is looking to sign a one year deal with a team. Schefter is a reliable source so I'll go with it. Even if he's only at 85%, that would still be better than most CB's in the league. Dunta's departure will open the door for Grimes' return.
  5. Sam Baker: T-Rex earned himself a new contract
  6. Chris Owens: He's young and has been solid as an outside CB. He will provide insurance for Grimes.
  7. Will Svitek: He should be very cheap to re-sign

Free Agency additions

1. Casey Hampton NT: He wants to play 2 more years. He's a stop gap guy for our new rookie NT (more on that later)-but at age 35, he was still one of the league's better run stuffers in 2012. He will provide a great locker room presence, help in the run stuffing department, and help us transition to a 3-4 DEF. (signs a 2 yr $4 mil contract)

2. Rolando McClain LB: The former #8 overall pick in 2010 has had several character issues and Oakland has essentially said he'll be cut. Teams will show interest in him because he is only 23 and still has untapped potential. In 2011, he rated as Football Outsider's #1 LB in "stop rate" versus the pass. Stop rate measures how often a defender keeps an offense from converting a pass play. Both Spoon and Nicholas missed time in 2012 due to injuries so LB depth is a must. Teams will most likely offer him a 1 yr "prove it" deal. Oakland is a hot mess from top to bottom, so maybe a rock solid franchise like ATL will help him realize his potential. (signs a 1 yr prove it deal)

2013 NFL Draft

1st round Alex Okafor DE/OLB Texas (6'5 261 lbs):I still like Margus Hunt for this spot, but we need a guy to come in and provide an immediate upgrade at DE. Okafor is not an elite pass rusher, but he'll be the best DE available at pick #30.

2nd round Brandon Williams NT Missouri Southern State (6'2 341 lbs): He's a massive human being who racked up 27 career sacks. He went to a small school, but he causes alot of havoc on the DL. He'll be heavily involved in the DT rotation in 2013 and will take over the NT spot in 2014.

3rd round Sean Porter OLB Texas A&M (6'1 231 lbs): Robert James is useless and Mike Peterson is ancient. Spoon and Nicholas missed time this season with injuries and we need a guy who can step in and replicate what they do. Porter aka Von Miller lite, is one of the top coverage LB's in the draft but can also get after the QB as evidenced by his 9.5 sacks in 2011.

4th round Jawan Jamison RB Rutgers (5'8 200 lbs): Everyone assumes we will draft a bruiser RB to replace Turner. I'm not in that camp. Snelling is a bull who can run between the tackles. In the playoffs, Quizz showed he can do the same-as well as bounce outside the tackles. Jamison is a Ray Rice clone who runs with power and has breakaway speed. He's also an incredible receiver out of the backfield who breaks guys' ankles with ease. Skip to 3:58 in the clip below and tell me this kid isn't the truth.

4th round Gavin Escobar TE San Diego State (6'5 255 lbs):Escobar is an incredibly athletic, pass catching TE. He has good speed and can go up and snag the ball in the air. I truly believe ATL will roll with Chase Coffman in 2013. Escobar will be another weapon (and insurance policy) for our offense. (compensatory pick for Curtis Lofton)

5th round Oscar Johnson OT/OG Louisiana Tech (6'6 333 lbs) : He's a big, hulking blocker who was a 2nd team All WAC selection at left tackle. He has great strength and shows tremendous power on blocks. He also has experience at OG. He could be groomed to take over for Clabo or Blalock. Like Holmes, he'll need some coaching but has good upside.

6th round Abry Jones DT Georgia (6'3 308 lbs): He was a productive member of UGA's DL and has shown he can penetrate and make plays behind the LOS. He has alot of experience in the 3-4. I think he'd provide an upgrade over Peria Jerry.

7th round Knile Davis RB Arkansas (6'0 226 lbs): He absolutely tore up the SEC in 2010. If not for his injury history, he would have been regarded as one of the top RB's in the draft. He is often compared to Darren McFadden due to his violent running style, speed, and ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. He missed all of 2011 due to an ankle injury and did not have the same burst in 2012. If he regains his 2010 form, he could be a steal in the 7th round.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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