Could the Falcons be a GT landing spot?



As the NFL offseason continues there could be some familiar faces landing back in the ATL. Former Yellow Jackets could be making the Dirty Birds a little better with their talents. Here is a list of a few potential players who could make the roster.


Vance Walker DT: With the likely hood of Jerry gone, and the production of Walker this past season, it isn't a stretch that Walker stays with the Falcons. He knows the system and should come fairly cheap. Look for him to get more playing time next season if another team doesn't overpay to get him.

Mike Cox FB: This is a little unlikely, not due to poor play, but just for the fact that the coaches love the rookie from last year Ewing. Cox was solid, but he will cost more then the rookie. It will be an interesting preseason battle.

Kevin Cone WR: There is a lot of talk that Harry Douglas could be a cap casualty. If that's the case look for Cone to be the new #3 guy. Great speed and a hard worker, it will battle an great battle in the preseason vs Drew.


Michael Johnson DE: This is the big name most Falcon fans should want. He racked up 11 1/2 sacks last season and is only 26. He comes from a 3-4 defense which Nolan wants to run, but he can put his hand in the dirt when need be. Look for Nolan to use him a lot like the 49ers used Aldon Smith.

Jonathan Dwyer RB: After a very successful year with the Steelers Dywer is up for a new contract. At only 23 he has shown some flashes of greatness. He very well could be the next Turner for the Falcons. A bigger back that can break away from tackles. The only downside is that Coach Tomlin loves this guy and Dywer may never make it out of Pittsburgh. This is a dark horse for the Falcons to plug a much needed hole in their offense.

Philip Wheeler LB: An outstanding year in Oakland has Wheeler as another hot prospect in Free Agency. Again a younger guy, 26, Wheeler racked up Pro Bowl numbers as an outside LB. Wheeler may be looking to cash in, but he would be an upgrade of Nicholas in pass defense. If the Falcons pick up Wheeler they could move Nicholas into the inside where he could use his run stopping ability to much better affect in Nolan's 3-4 scheme.


Rod Sweeting CB: The Falcons make take a flyer on Sweeting if he is still hanging around in the 5-7 round area. A 4 year starter Sweeting could add depth to a soon to be depleted Corner spot for the Falcons. With Samuel not getting younger, Grimes with a bad knee, Fair catch Franks and Owens' deals up, and Robinson costing over 9 million. Look for someone people to go.

What do you think? Let me here you in the comments below!

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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