My admittedly unlikely but still not impossible off season.

2013 off season

Free Agency:

Pat Hill works some coaching magic and early in the free agency process it is evident that Holmes will have refined his game enough to make T.D. comfortable with letting Baker walk. Willy Mo is always ready to test the free agent market,can't get the money he expects because of injury issues and signs a reasonable contract. Tony is content to be a family man, we wish you the best (he also opts to be enshrined as a Falcon in 5 years). Turner goes to the Jets, or something.

Dwight Freeney and Steven Jackson both sign reasonable short term deals with the aim to pick up a ring or two.


Round 1: Alec Ogletree ILB UGA- Because of his 'twener size/status (6"3' 230) he falls in the draft. But his coverage ability combined with sideline to sideline speed and sure tackling ability makes him an ideal fit in the thin Atl LB corp.

Trade extra 4th round pick in order to move up and get Eric Reed S LSU- A lot of upside, possible the most athletic DB on a team that has been breeding NFL caliber DBs. Was a starter from game 1 of his career in the SEC.

Round 3: DallasThomas OT/OG Tenn- Smart/versatile OL prospect, again 3 year of starting in the SEC and never missing a game helps too. The tags thrown around this guy are "grinder", "team-first" and "smart". T.D. likes.

Round 4: Denard Robinson Ath Mich: Atlanta's answer for Percy Harvin. Lines up all over the field taking snaps as a TB and slot receiver. Adds HUGE potential in the return game.

Round 5: Bennie Logan DT LSU- Run stuffing defensive tackle from a very good LSU Dline. He'd be a value pick here and his size gives him some flexibility in the event of a conversion to a 3-4 Logan could play DE at 6'3" 295

Round 6: Tavarres King WR UGA- Possibly the best receiver on a high powered offense, but was just never "the guy" that he could have been. Comes in to add depth, but could really challenge HD83.

Round 7: Sio Moore OLB UConn- Never really dominated lesser Big East competition, but has good size and athleticism to be a potential contributor as an NFL LB.

After training camp battles, Week 1 2013 starters-

QB Ryan

RT Clabo

RG Philipkeith Manly

C Konz

LT Blalock

LT Holmes

RB S. Jax

TE Coffman (I believe in this dude)

WR1 Roddy

WR2 Julio

WR3 King

DE Freeney

DT Babs

DT T. Robs

DE Abe

LBs Spoon, Dent, 'Tree (what a great collection of one word names)

CBs Grimes/ Asanta (Ried plays the hybrid nickle saftey/linbacker. Nolan's "big nick"

Safeties Decoud/ Moore

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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