Here we go...

It's been awhile Falcoholic, but I've been too busy with military duty to stay on my blogging duties. But if I ever wanted to make a comeback, here it is (insert "Mama Said Knock You Out") Anyhow, as a fan and watching this abysmal season come to fruition, I've decided that a change should be in play and I will be the armchair GM that only a Madden fairy could somehow whip up outta the pot.

Here we GO:

I will acknowledge everything: salary, players and coaches. And explanations.

Coaching Changes:

Mike Smith - Fired and replaced with Bill Cowher. He has a twitter people, let us all reach out to him or start a petition. Or if anybody wants Shanahan or Gruden, feel free for it, but I'm with Cowher here. I've been down on Smitty for some years now, he's average. Not SB worthy, give this team to Sean Payton or Belichick, dynasty. No argument there, they would dominate.

Mike Nolan - This man stays, but let him get the Broncos D-line coach. I personally like that D-Line. And have Cowher leave him to run the D alone. Plus a switch to a 3-4 seems just, this hybrid ain't working.

The DK - I am so up and down on him, his philosophy in theory is up there with Sean Payton, but is being executed like Rob Ryan's diet plan.

Pat Hill - Get your crap together or be gone, We need our QB upright but it will not happen with your current arsenal that you are showing, I'm tired of the "gelling" excuse.

2 Chainz - I want him brought on as our cheerleading coach and to do PR commercials with Pastor Troy and Samuel L. Jackson.

Player Changes: (Where it gets real)

Matt Ryan traded to Washington for RG3, Jordan Reed, and a draft pick.

-Trading MR2 frees up cap space, and RG3 is mobile enough to deal with a sketchy line, Jordan Reed helps our TE problem, and a draft pick cause every trade has a draft pick nowadays. (BTW I am a MR2 fan, but he is a pocket needy guy, not very mobile)

Peter Konz gets cut

-pretty sure it's obvious as to why, maybe it's "gelling" or maybe he can't cut it (I say this is it)

Steven Jackson gets cut

-too old and the experiment hasn't worked, I say sign Ben Tate, he's only 25 and averages like 5 YPC (too lazy to look up his real stat.)

Thomas Decoud stays

-I only put this on here cause everybody has called for his head this season. I want Decoud to stay cause we know before this year we ALL loved him, but this year has felt like he has been too antsy and he's trying to be Mr. Superstar, cause he's always there but just whiffs, calm him down and he's back I say.

Osi gets cut

-He's too old and expensive for the production he is given. Plus the younger guys look promising and Kroy will be BACK!

Babs gets resigned

-Too good to let go, plus we have that cap space from Ryan leaving remember?


Draft: (This will be where everybody kills me in their mind)

1st round - Clowney

-He will not be picked up before the 6th pick unless somebody trades up for it. There are too many QB needy teams to get at him. St. Louis doesn't need him either. Have you seen that D-line?

(after the first I just have position ideas, no real prospects)

2nd Round - OT

3rd Round - RG

4th Round - WR

5th Round - DT

6th Round - CB

7th Round - BPA

While I know that I changed the face of this team here, think about how this team would go, if you don't like it, please tell me down in the comments.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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