Mock Offseason 2.0

Oh man it feels weird doing this so early...

Here is my second shot at what is going to happen this offseason.

Breaking News: Mike Smith, fired.

I don't buy TD and co., when they say Mike Smith is NOT on the hot seat. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see Smitty out the door this offseason, and replaced with...David Shaw. David Shaw is the coach at Stanford who has done well developing very talented players, and has had great offensive lines, defensive fronts, paired with a great running game during his time at Stanford. His teams are also known for their scrappiness, and their discipline, this will be very important after this season when young players will be asked to step up after losing all season. Guys like Desmond Trufant, Robert Alford, Levine Toilolo, Paul Worrilow, etc all need to know that they are on a good ball team and losing isn't acceptable, we want to win. Now. I think Shaw can instill this in them. Smitty needs to go, doesn't know how to step on opponents throats. Have to do that with the other teams in the NFC South.

Free Agent Additions:

Rodger Saffold: Saffold can play a few places on the line, and he can be an upgrade at whatever position he ends up. +2.3 Offense Overall +1.0 Pass Block +1.9 Run Block ratings this year. Will be 26 in 2014. He can play tackle or guard, and I project him ending up at left tackle. That will allow Baker to move back to right tackle.

Jon Asamoah: The Falcons missed with Konz, and Asamoah can replace him at right guard. Konz and Hawley can battle it out for center, which could improve both of their games. Asamoah will also be 26 in 2014. +7.1 Offense Overall +4.9 Pass Block +.9 Run Block ratings this season.

Dennis Pitta: The Ravens have a tight salary cap, and the Falcons could use a tight end for when Tony leaves. Toilolo can't do it himself. And after his injury this year, he could be cheap.

I'm not sure how much money the Falcons would have, so I'm going to leave it at that. If you guys could give me some numbers that would be great. But I will say, if the Saints are stupid enough to not re-sign Jimmy Graham... that would be very, very tempting. Yes I know, highly unlikely for them to not sign him or not likely for the Falcons to pursue him.

NFL Draft

First Round: Anthony Barr, Defensive End/Outside Linebacker, UCLA: This guy is a stud. Would be a matchup nightmare. Has shown some coverage skills to go along with his pass rushing ability. Osi just doesn't show much hustle, Barr would be fun to watch along side Biermann.

Second Round: Anthony Johnson, Defensive Tackle, LSU: The Falcons will need a space eater to take away some double teams from Biermann, Barr, etc. Johnson, Babs, and Peters can make a solid defensive tackle rotation.

Third Round: Jeremiah Attaochu, Defensive End/Outside Linebacker, Georgia Tech: Attaochu upgrades the defensive front again, and because of free agent additions it allows TD to do this. Attaochu, Biermann, and Barr would be interchangeable pieces at OLB/DE and would allow Mike Nolan to disguise blitzes better. Gives Nolan 3 guys that can rush the passer or drop back in coverage.

Fourth Round: Shayne Skov, Inside Linebacker, Stanford: You guys probably think I'm crazy with no offensive linemen picked in the first 4 rounds, but after free agent additions, I think the Falcons can wait to draft some linemen for depth. They need to work on the front seven desperately. Shayne Skov would help the Falcons transform to a 3-4 scheme with Barr/Biermann/Attaochu at ROLB, Spoon and Skov/Worrillow inside, and Barr/Biermann/Attaochu at LOLB.

Fifth Round: Arie Kouandjio, Guard/Tackle, Alabama: Saban has said that Arie is the best offensive linemen on his team. He can play guard or tackle but is more suited for guard. Will be a steal in the draft because of his injury history. The Falcons take the risk here and add some more depth to the offensive line.

Sixth Round: Gabe Ikard, Guard/Center, Oklahoma: Ikard may rise up the boards like Lane Johnson did last year, but he would be a good pick up for depth as he is versatile too.

Seventh Round: TJ Jones, Wide Reciever, Notre Dame: The Falcons need to start looking for a guy to replace HD with. He can be replaced now or later, but HD will be 30 next year and the Falcons need a security blanket.

Criticize. I will be changing some things more than likely. Probably will make the 3rd or 4th round pick a linemen.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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