Your Best and Worst Atlanta Falcons

Kevin C. Cox

Which players are we fortunate (or unfortunate) to have on the team? Let's look at how each player compares to the field.

As we have progressed through week 14, some players have been rewarded more playing time, either due to their own accord or the failure of the starter. I did this analysis early in the season, but updating results now to capture a more extended look at performance. I know I promised some other analysis, but hopefully this peaks your curiosity as I'm busy traveling for my real, yet less rewarding job. Sometimes, I just want to football...


I looked at the PFF grades through week 14 for the entire league by position. I converted each grade to a per snap count average This mainly accounts for injuries and starting position changes that limited a player's ability to extend his score.

The "Percentile" rank is another way to say that a player is better than that percent of his given position. Players eligible for ranking have to have played 25% of a team's snaps. For those of you trying to compare to PFF, I'll tell you that their snap filters do not work perfectly, so my information will not match their site. I used snaps counts from instead. Anyways, the results below show my attempt to rank our players. This is not necessarily a way to say who makes the biggest impact, but who we're lucky (or not lucky) to have.

Player Position Snaps Rating Rank Total Percentile
Julio Jones WR 298 7.9 4 116 97%
Justin Blalock G 882 11.2 15 81 81%
Desmond Trufant CB 835 6.9 24 112 79%
Jacquizz Rodgers RB 398 8.8 12 52 77%
Drew Davis WR 273 3.7 29 116 75%
Garrett Reynolds G 690 3.3 23 81 72%
Tony Gonzalez TE 811 1.7 20 62 68%
Matt Ryan QB 870 8.8 14 40 65%
Steven Jackson RB 304 3.3 21 53 60%
Robert Alford CB 404 0.7 49 112 56%
William Moore S 877 -0.3 40 90 56%
Robert McClain CB 489 0.4 53 112 53%
Joe Hawley C 312 0.8 19 37 49%
Asante Samuel CB 510 -0.2 58 112 48%
Osi Umenyiora DE 680 0.4 52 96 46%
Corey Peters DT 599 4.2 37 68 46%
Jonathan Babineaux DT 757 4.8 39 68 43%
Jeremy Trueblood T 639 -2.0 51 81 37%
Joplo Bartu OLB 625 -1.9 50 78 36%
Paul Worrilow ILB 295 -4.0 39 58 33%
Paul Worrilow OLB 309 -2.7 56 79 29%
Harry Douglas WR 748 -2.7 83 116 28%
Jonathan Massaquoi DE 397 -4.4 71 96 26%
Roddy White WR 582 -2.4 88 116 24%
Peria Jerry DT 560 -8.3 58 68 15%
Thomas DeCoud S 793 -11.2 77 90 14%
Lamar Holmes T 857 -25.9 75 81 7%
Darius Johnson WR 349 -4.9 109 117 7%
Sean Weatherspoon OLB 360 -7.5 74 79 6%
Akeem Dent ILB 362 -10.5 54 57 5%
Peter Konz C 591 -15.1 35 36 3%

I want to make a few notes. Paul Worrilow is listed twice because of his split time between ILB and OLB. Garrett Reynolds comes in pretty high on the chart, but the total PFF grades don't show the trends in performance. He has obviously been worse, which lead to his demotion. On the flip side, we have Roddy White, who has been playing injured for a majority of the season.

There are just examples to say that the overall PFF grade doesn't capture everything. Other players have little idiosyncrasies, as well. However, I'd like to see what you think about the general rankings of the players. I'll update this on conclusion of the season, as well, where we can factor in contract amounts, age, and anything else that may help us play General Manager.

Do you think anyone here is under appreciated or overvalued? Does anyone jump out or surprise you? Let me know your thoughts and ideas on how we can pretend to manage the roster during the off-season.

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