What should have happened in the Falcons offseason...

Some thoughts on what should have happened this off-season but didn't, and why we're in this mess. Please feel free to agree or disagree, and add your own thoughts.


Cutting Dunta Robinson was the right move, but letting Brent Grimes go was not. Asante Samuel is clearly on his last legs and has been giving up way too many big plays and can't tackle on the run. Grimes was a risk given his Achilles, but Miami got him at a steal and he's been playing well. Keeping Grimes should have been a priority and you draft one CB. I expect Samuel to be on his way out at the end of this season. Decoud still has potential.


Akeem Dent cannot be relied on at MLB.

Defensive Line

Abraham still has a motor, as we've seen in Arizona. Of course, he was expensive and a risk. But anyone who truly believed Umenyiora would come in and make a huge impact wasn't paying attention. He needed help, just as Abraham needed help. Michael Bennett was on the market and was snatched up by Seattle for next to nothing. Too much faith was put in Kroy Biermann stepping up in his new role as DE/LB.

Offensive Line

If there was one glaring weakness that needed to be addressed in the off-season, it was the O-line. Yet it seems there was a belief that the Falcons could either recreate the success they had in 2008 when they used nastiness to turn a bunch of middling linemen into a cohesive unit (oh Harvey Dahl, how I miss you), or that the playmakers would open things up enough to make up for the deficiency. High-risk, high-reward territory. Now we know you can have all the playmakers in the world, but it doesn't mean anything without a line. I can't see this being anything but the top priority in the offseason. (Anyone have the cap hit on letting Baker go?)

Receivers/Tight End

I'm going to put it out there: I wish Tony G. hadn't come back. I wish we had drafted some young TE who was more explosive. Don't get me wrong, Tony's amazing. And he's still got it. But he was expensive, and that money could have gone to other places. (See O-line.) Tony also isn't that fast. Yes, he can convert third downs like nobody's business, but I would liked to have seen a young TE come in who had some explosiveness to complement Roddy and Julio. I'm also interested to see what happens to Roddy and Harry Douglas going forward. Does Roddy go?

Running Backs

Jacquizz can be a number one back. Give him and Snelling some blocking and some blocking and they can be a solid tandem. Signing Jackson wasted valuable dollars that, again, could have been spent in other places.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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