Looking Towards the 2nd Half of the Season

My main goal this week is to look ahead to week 9, frankly because it's hard to look back at last week. After last week I am learning to accept a few things.

1. Sadly the playoffs for Atlanta is unrealistic:

Atlanta now sits at 2-5 with the lighter half of their schedule behind them. Atlanta will have to win at least 9 games to even think about the playoffs. That means they can only lose 2 more games. We play Carolina twice, at San Francisco, at Green Bay, Washington, at Tampa, New Orleans, and at Buffalo. That is scary, but I haven't totally lost hope because stranger things have happened in the NFL.

2. Our O-line is playing on a new level of AWFUL:

When you QB is your leading rusher with 13 yards. You will not win a football game. Now I know why our O-line is bad. And it's not injuries. Realistically our O-line would be a lot better if 3 years of draft picks were not given away for Julio Jones. Now don't get it twisted. I'm not going to start to say that trading all those picks wasn't totally worth it. But sadly this has caught up to us.

3. Our Defense is starting to click:

This defense is extremely young for the most part. And for the last of leadership right now, all things considered, they are playing quite well. With the return of Sean Weatherspoon and hopefully an upgrade at pass rusher, this defense could be very good.

4. Big things await in 2014:

With a healthy Julio Jones, Roddy White, Steven Jackson, and Sean Weatherspoon this team could easily be back to a 11+ win team. This offseason will be extremely important. In my opinion this draft needs to focus mainly on the O-line. This is a perfect draft for us. There is a whole bunch of very good linemen coming up from college this year. So even if 2013 ends up a bust, there are defiantly things to get excited about in 2014


-Dylan Wadzinski

    <em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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