Matt Ryan is far too talented to be human

I haven't posted on the Falcoholic in a while and though the point I am trying to make has probably already been made, I feel like it bears repeating. Matt Ryan is far better then anyone will ever give him credit for, and if his last game against the Bucs doesn't prove it, then I don't know what will. Now if you remember Ryan was the front runner of the MVP race till about week 11 when he had that horrid 5 interception game and kinda blew his candidacy. In any case, I believe the only reason Ryan hasn't received the same fan fare he did last season was because of the ridiculous amount of injuries sustained by this team and since the wins aren't coming.

Just from a straight comparison from last year these are Ryan's stats after 7 weeks (or 6 games)

Ryan 2012 2013

Attempts 236 244

Comp % 68% 70%

Yards 1,756 1,922

TD 14 13

INT 6 3

QB Rate 98.7 105.9

Now considering that this is a season without a running game, a banged up O-line, an injured Roddy White, woth Tony Gonzalez probably not as quick as he was last year (though you can't really be sure) and now with Julio out. In fact the most recent game against the Buccaneers, Ryan put together possibly his best game of the season. Ryan has done everything we could have ever asked of him this season and then some. I would argue to say that Ryan should not only be in the talks for the MVP of this league but be right up there with Peyton Manning.

This type of claim could just be a biased opinion about one of my favourite players in the league, but I would like to think not. The main reason I believe this is because Ryan is playing the best, with the least help, if the MVP is supposed to be for the player who improves his team the most, then look no further. I won't reiterate all that the Falcons have been fighting against internally, I just believe that all the other players in the MVP conversation have so much more help then Ryan this year.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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