William Moore, Thomas DeCoud Rise Up in Pro Bowl: A Recap


Willy Mo is always ready, even on Hawaiian time.

If you chose not to tune in to the 2013 Pro Bowl on Sunday evening, we can't exactly blame you. The nature of the game doesn't exactly promote entertaining competition, but this year's matchup in Honolulu was, dare I say, captivating.

Three Falcons were named to the NFC roster. Two really stood out. William Moore and Thomas DeCoud put in impressive performances, while Julio Jones was rarely in the picture.

See? People were asking Jay if Julio was actually playing. Reports indicated he was healthy. Not everyone blows up the Pro Bowl. Big deal.

C4 Moore came up with an interception after Patrick Peterson tipped a pass from Matt Schaub. Moore returned the pick 27-yards after hauling it in right at the goal line. He also finished the game with two tackles.

DeCoud knocked one pass down and recorded five total tackles. The Falcons safeties looked like they fit right in with the best and brightest around the league. Well, maybe not brightest. You get the point.

Overall the NFC dominated, winning 62-35 and gaining 478 total yards of offense. Russell Wilson threw three touchdown passes on 10 attempts, Eli Manning looked better than he did in half of his regular season games, and Kyle Rudolph hauled in five passes for 122 yards and a touchdown in his MVP performance.

A few lighthearted moments:

- A flag was finally thrown at one point, and the crowd didn't approve. Ed Hochuli got on the mic, saying "Yes, there are penalties in the Pro Bowl." A touch of humor to go with the gun show, the ladies must love this guy.

- J.J. Watt lined up a wide receiver a few times. The first came early on in the game from six yards out of the end zone. Peyton Manning targeted him on a slant route, but Charles Tillman wasn't letting a defensive end play him like that. Watt squared off against Jason Pierre-Paul at the end of the fourth quarter as well. JPP came down with a pick on Andrew Luck. Stick to pass rushing, J.J.

- Doug Flutie is awkward interviewing other players. Nothing to see here.

- Jeff Saturday took one snap under center, for Peyton Manning and the AFC. It was a sentimental moment between the two.

All in all, the Pro Bowl was surprisingly enjoyable, kind of.

Aw, they had a good time! Did you guys enjoy the Pro Bowl, or did you watch the WWE Royal Rumble? You can tell us, we're not hear to judge.

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