What to do now that the Falcons season is over

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The Falcons season is over, and there's a long gap between now and the start of the 2013 season. What will we ever do we so much time on our hands?

Another year, another disappointing end to a nearly fabled run by the Atlanta Falcons. We in Atlanta have grown accustomed to coping with defeat. Need I remind everyone of the infield fly rule fiasco? Yeah, we're used to it.

One of the best seasons in franchise history, 2012 brought plenty of close calls, so you may just spend the offseason simply recovering from the multiple heart attacks you suffered throughout 18 games.

If you're bored, though, and looking for ways the fill the football-less void we're forced to endure now, here are some suggestions on how to occupy your time.

- Buy NFL Rewind, then tune in every Sunday at 1:00 p.m. to watch one of the Falcons games from this past year. It'll be like you're watching a whole new season! Except kind of depressing. Spoiler alert: look away when you get to the end of the 49ers game.

- Rewatch Game of Thrones. If you haven't done so for the first time, stop reading right now and go download it on the interwebs. Legally, of course.

- Finally finish putting up that fence around your front yard to keep kids out. This is what Dave is doing right now.

- Write a letter everyday to Tony Gonzalez pleading him to stay for another season. You might receive a restraining order, but it'll be worth it. **Disclaimer: we at the Falcoholic are not responsible for any restraining orders filed.

- Get in shape, because if you're like me, you've consumed roughly 500 hot wings and several kegs worth a lot of beer since Week 1.

- (from @infinitepwnz) Learn how to brew beer. That way after you get in shape, you can gain all the weight back when the Falcons return.

- Renew your license at the DMV. You might be done by training camp.

- Read, or something. I don't know, apparently people do that.

- Find a book you're interested in reading and then find the movie version. Better idea. Just saved you a lot of trouble.

- (from NujabWes) Hibernate until August, with a break for the NFL Draft and free agency. Honestly considering taking this route.

- Figure out why people actually like Ke$ha. I mean really, she is just awful. Trust me, that sort of investigation will take months. Let me know when you're done.

- Braves baseball should be exciting. Two Uptons now? And games at Turner Field aren't too expensive. I'll be there for quite a few. At least there's one sport in town to keep us busy. I think the Hawks are still around, too. And for all you hockey fans...uh, sorry about the Thrashers again?

- Actually spend time with your significant other on Sundays. But tell them not to get used to it.

What will you be doing now the football is (almost) over?

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