Week 3 Quickbits

Hey there fellow Falcoholics! I've been posting one of these every week in my fantasy league and have gotten some good discussions going so I thought it would be a good post for here as well. Just a few little observations and opinions from the past week in football without going too deep. Awards for all, good and not so good.


Another week in the books and boy did it end in a CRAZY way

Im not gonna get into the monday night fiasco tho because I'm sure youv'e all been beaten over the head with it enough times to cause long term dementia.

Biggest Cry Baby: Cam Newton

Sometimes you lose man, its part of the game. I know losing isnt a good feeling but you cannot pout on the sidelines. I don't know what worse, sulking or shoving weenies in your mouth (Mark Sanchez) on the sidelines. When you got Steve smith calling you out for your attitude, you've got problems

Biggest Upset: Vikings over 49ers

I was on the bandwagon of those who thought the 49ers was the best team in the NFL, then along came Christian Ponder and all hell broke loose. Alex Smith showed why he is not a Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers (both been sucking lately.. wtf up with that?) after the Vikings shut down the run and held Frank Gore to only 63 yards.

Honorable Mention: Raiders over Steelers

"Janikowski sweeps the leg!" - Awesome call

Most Ready: Willy Mo

He's always ready.

Worst Injury: Darrell Revis

The JETS are done. Simple as that. It would be like the Saints losing Drew Brees.

Biggest Surprise: NFC West

They're for real this year. Thats what happens when you stack up high picks in the first round and load up on defense

Exception: St. Louis

They still stink, and I'm glad.. something about drafting a QB 1st overall and giving him a mad payday when he didnt even play the season before then everyone crowning him the next superstar.. personal vendetta? Maybe.

Worst Defense: Saints

Steve Spagnuolo is cursed i tell ya! seriously tho.. they're bad

MVP Watch: Matt Ryan

Home boy leads the NFL in QBR with 91.6,has eight TDs, running the offense with a stagnant run game, and is currently undefeated after a decisive win over San Diego. This years Eli Manning (without the clueless look). Is he elite? Yes.

The Next Commissioner Gordon: Andy Reid

Keep rocking the 'stache brah

And with that, i leave it up to you. What caught your eye over the week 3?

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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