Mock Draft (5 rounds)

My first mock of the season and no it's never too early for a mock draft. So let's make this quick.

1st: Bjoern Werner/DE/FSU: Even after the acquisition of Nolan at DC our defense is still missing something. Oh yeah, a pass rush. Abe is getting up there in age and it looks like none of the other 14 guys we have want to step up. I understand that a pass rush by committee can have success but we need a go to pass rusher outside of 55. This is where Werner comes in. He is a physical beast who is great against the run as has a knock for getting to QBs. His motor is the most intriguing thing plus he has a mean streak which this defense desperately needs.

Link: 2011 vs Oklahoma)

2nd: Bacarri Rambo/S/UGA: I understand we are set at the S position and even Decoud is starting to grow on me but we can't pass on this guy. He is definitely a 1st round talent but thanks to his suspension he could fall to us in the 2nd. For some reason nothing steers teams away from players like "failed drug test" even if it is as harmless as marijuana. Rambo has great instincts, solid hands, and great athleticism. Just having a Rambo and a C-4 in the secondary should sway teams from coming in the middle.

Link: 2011 vs Ole Miss)

3rd: Jordan Reed/TE/Fla.: We need a heir to Gonzo. We're going to eventually have to find his replacement. Reed is more of a hybrid but is a mismatch against any defense. He is in the same mold as Aaron Hernadez and can line up almost anywhere on the field. He has solid hands and underrated speed. I think he will be a great addition to our offense.

Link: (2012 vs Texas A&M)

4th: Cameron Marshall/RB/ASU: MT has reportedly been charged with a DUI after last night's game. That's not good. I think MT tenure with this team is almost at an end. I think we are going to ride with Quizz as our back of the future and he is going to need a someone to take on that load with him. This is the guy. If you see him on tape he kind of reminds you of Legarrette Blount without the punching of opponents after the game. He has power, athleticism, and underrated speed. He can catch out of the backfield and is solid in pass protection. I think he would be a great thunder to our lightning.

Link: Highlight reel)

5th: Nigel Malone/CB/KST: Why do we need another CB? DR, Franks, and Owens sound familiar? Now I'm not saying they are totally useless or even scrubs but outside of the pass rush they are the weakest link on the D. We need another CB even if it's just for competition. I like this kid. He not scared to come up and hit, has great ball skills, and plays with a chip on his shoulder. He led the Big 12 in int's last season and poised to another big year. He comes from a bad neighborhood and football is how he made it out. I would love to have him on the roster.

Link: ( Int highlights)

So there is the 1st mock feel free to comment.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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