Falcons Offense Becoming Elite

A buddy of mine, who is a Cowboys fan sent me an ESPN Insider article about Falcons Offense by Ron Jaworski. Here is the link ,if you have ESPN Insider subscription. I am not going to post the whole article but here are some of the snippets after the jump.

Ron Jaworski starts off talking about how RG III,Joe Flacco and Peyton Manning has overshadowed the coverage of Falcons offensive performance in week1. He breaks down further, than the usual talk about all the weapons Falcons have on the offense.

But it's not just the speed of those offensive assets that makes the Falcons so effective, it's the speed at which Atlanta operates. I usually like to watch a team for four games before I make an evaluation on an offense. I think it takes that long before you can get a broad template of what teams are trying to do. But Week 1 in Kansas City painted a pretty clear picture of what the Falcons want to do with the ball -- strike hard, and fast. And opposing defenses better have the oxygen tanks ready on the sideline.

Its refreshing to see Ron Jaworski acknowledge the Falcons No huddle offense, which was overshadowed by QB who started running no huddle recently.

The no-huddle offense is nothing new for the Falcons, but in Week 1 Ryan really took it up a notch. When I watched him operate against the Chiefs, the first thing I thought of was the Eagles game last season where Philly was dominating … until the Falcons went to the no-huddle and took over the game. This is a weapon with which the Falcons can dominate even the most talented opponents.

Jaworski then talks about how falcons dictate the tempo of the game,which tires the defenses. Jaworski talks about how big bodies on defense need to run back for the next play.He further breaks down the Falcons third scoring drive when Falcons went no huddle.

There was one package in particular the Falcons ran during that scoring drive that intrigued me. I call it the Double Bubble. In the Double Bubble, Atlanta sets up a bubble screen to both sides of the line, to Julio Jones and Roddy White. At the start of the drive, Ryan threw it to White on the right side of the formation for a gain of 16. At the end of the drive, Ryan threw it to Jones for a 14-yard touchdown. While it was very effective in terms of moving the ball, it also was effective in terms of draining the defense.

Jaworski on what Falcons can do further.

I think this is going to be the tip of the iceberg. I think in time the Falcons will further develop the Double Bubble to give them an option in the middle of the field as well, attacking that vacated center of the formation with the versatile Rodgers -- the back the Falcons favor for their hurry-up sets -- with the run or pass. I'll be watching this with great interest the rest of the season.

He ends the article on how defenses can stop the Falcons offense in two steps. Step 1 is jamming the receivers to disrupt the timing of Ryan and step 2 by hitting Ryan and making him uncomfortable. However,Jarwoski acknowledges that its easier said than done.

I hope Falcons start out fast with no huddle against Broncos.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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