Thanks for beating the Chiefs! Ask a Broncos fan: Week 2



Hello Falcons fans, I'm Bronco Mike and am a contributing writer over at Mile High Report. Like the title says, we would like to extend our congratulations for beating the Chiefs on the road last week! We hate those guys, they are like the red-headed step children of our division and it is always a plus to keep em' from getting too up-ity with their expectations for the season;)

I didn't get to catch your game last week, and even if you caught our game on primetime, it would still be good to recap it a bit. The game was much closer than the score indicated and it was a story of two offenses trading blows most of the game. After a slow defensive start and a halftime score of 10-7 Pittsburgh, the 2nd half provided a bit more offensive fireworks as both teams had trouble getting off the field. We alternated scores until the 4th quarter, when up 22-19 our defense finally held the Steelers on 3rd down and got off the field. Our subsequent offensive posession added a FG to make the score 25-19. Finally, a Tracy Porter pick 6 sealed the deal 31-19.

So now that you have a synopsis of what went down, here is some more specific information about our performance:

Broncos offense:

- Struggled early, and much of that was due to playcalling and an early McGahee fumble. We ran the ball on the first 5 first down plays to begin the game.

- Midway through the 2nd Q, we started to run Peyton Manning's "no huddle" and the Steelers never had an answer for it. Our next four possessions went for 3TD's and 1FG.

- We ran the ball effectively, picking up short 3rd downs in the no huddle. Our two main backs for the game were Willis McGahee and Knowshon Moreno, with 3rd stringer lance ball getting a few carries in the 4th Q. No one went over 100 yards and based only on their rushes and not Manning's kneeldowns we averaged about 4.1 YPC.

- Manning spread the ball around hitting many different receivers. There really wasn't a favorite target for the game.

- Once we went no-huddle, Manning went 15/19 (79%) 209 Yds (11.0 YPA) 2TD, 0INT. It was absolutely surgical.

- We never faced a 3 and out and punted twice in 7 possessions.


- Our front 7 really stuffed the run allowing the Steelers trio of backs to gain just 68 yards on 22 passes (3.1 YPC).

- Our front 4 was able to pressure the QB at times, but was unable to contain Roethlisberger inside the pocket and he made us pay converting many 3rd and longs to keep drives going

- Our LB corps had a tough time in coverage getting beat by TE Heath Miller and others on double moves on several big plays.

- Our overall pass rush was conservative with blitzes, yet as a team we still managed 5 sacks from 4 different players (Von Miller had 2).

- Tracy Porter was our defensive MVP and is also the reigning AFC Player of the Week. He added 8 solo tackles and 5 passes defensed to his pick 6.

Special teams wise, there wasn't much to add. Our punt team gave up one longer return at the beginning of the game, but we also kicked everything out of the endzone on kickoffs. Matt Prater went 1/1 hitting a chip shot FG in the 4th Q.

Now, I didn't get to catch the Falcons game, but I have a few observations just in going over the game log.

- Jacquizz Rodgers seemed to be the feature back when Atlanta ran the no-huddle.

- Roddy White was Matt Ryan's favorite target in the no huddle with 5 targets. Tony Gonzales was 2nd with 3 targets.

Other than the fact that your offense scored just about everytime they had the ball, those were the most noteworthy things to me. So let's get it started, ask any question you want, and if you have some smack talk bring it! We can remain civil and have some laughs as well, I promise! I would like if a few of you could give me a run down on how your time played similar to what I did just so I can get a better feel for the opponent we're facing this week. For laughs, name the game, the players involved, and the outcome of the play from the photo, Cheers!

P.S. don't forget to rec so that this goes to the top for the week and is easier to find!

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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