Karma's Little Darlings

Our first preseason game is Thursday. Damn that feels so good I should say it again. Our first preseason game is Thursday. After the angelic chords settle down in your loins from letting that resonate, let's move on to something that ain't so nice.

The NFL is reducing the suspension of Jonathan Vilma. I know they've come out and made a statement claiming this to be not true, but if Adam Schefter is reporting it, you can count it as money.

Wow. Some day we've reached. Player(s) get caught doing something that in no way can be twisted as legal in the game of football and the NFL backtracks after falling under a bit of public pressure. Way to go boys. This "you punish me and I'll sue you" nonsense is getting out of control. What ever happened to knowing you made a mistake and owning up to it, taking the consequences that come along with it? Those days are long gone. Everybody thinks they're invincible.

If Vilma accepts, Goodell and his boys better be ready to ski the slippery slope. Williams, Peyton, Hargrove, Smith, Fujita, the overweight fan who already carved out his paper bag, the face mark on Drew Brees, the Superdome custodians committee - all will be asking for additional appeals to lower suspensions, and you can bet your red & black a** that some, if not all, will be lowered.

I get it. The NFL initially claimed to have thousands of pages of evidence, only to have a little over a hundred. So they exaggerated a bit. Still makes perfect sense. If my boss told me they had hundreds of pages of evidence that I use my work computer for "extracurricular activities" the first thing I'd definitely think is "Wow only hundreds? Not enough to fire me!" And then I'd escape from fiction world. Or maybe not-so-fiction world, as these things are actually happening in our beloved NFL.

Let's get real for a second. Not only could Drew Brees kill somebody and get away with it, he'd probably be allowed to play the following season after his minimal (if any) jail sentence. And if you believe for one second that these guys wouldn't challenge any suspension Goodell would have pending for Brees, well, I have some clean property in New Orleans and a Garrett Hartley fathead I want to sell you.

We'll never get the talking heads from ESPN or NFL network to detach their lips from Sean Payton's a**. I can accept that. The good news is that our lovely friend Karma shows no bias. If the overwhelming evidence of a player going up and down the sideline telling teammates he knocked a guy out of game and wants his payment for it isn't enough, Karma will have her final say. If a former Saints player tells the NFL that coaches had instructed players to lie about the bounty program isn't enough, Karma will have her way. And if an entire organization and city being more upset over a snitch rather their actions that were snitched on isn't enough, Karma will seize the day.

The New Orleans Saints had a nice story: Overcoming a disaster to rise again. We were beat down with the memo weekly. These guys may be the darlings of pundits and the national media, but to Karma they're still a massive s*** stain that needs cleansing. Drew Brees has the biggest target on his back in the league and while I want every player to be able to make it home safely, I wouldn't be surprised if I read "Drew Bress/ Fractured leg" across the ESPN ticker.

For these past few years all we've heard about are how the Saints are the team of destiny. Now, they are definitely destined for something that isn't so nice.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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